Dissolving Fears in the Well of Fears

Evolution of Consciousness

The Well of Fears Transformations can be done repetitively as like with the onion we peel off layers of fears at a time which is an ongoing process. As we progress on our path new fears come up for release, or we get to a deeper level of working with our Core Fears. The Well of Fears Transformation is the most powerful transformation in terms of having shifts in consciousness. This transformation is very specific and personal to you and your fears.


What is the Well of Fears*?

The Well of Fears is the covering over your Divine Spark, a bit like a veil, preventing access to your true essence which is held in the heart chakra. The Well of Fears holds all unresolved fears from all life times you have ever had. This covering obstructs your true nature, who you really are.


Those fears are not the day to day fears e.g. fear of spiders. The type of fears that are in the Well of Fears amongst others are e.g.·       

  • Fear of Deep Change
  • Fear of Being Me
  • Fear of Love
  • Fear of Lack
  • Fear of Being Free
  • Fear of Not Being Good Enough
  • Fear of Letting Go
  • Fear of Being Unloved / Unlovable
  • Fear of Being Different
  • Fear of Power
  • Fear of Failure
  • Fear of Making A Mistake
  • Fear of Trusting
  • Fear of Speaking Out
  • Fear of Being Emotionally Hurt
  • Fear of Life
  • Fear of Standing In My Own Power
  • Fear of Being Alone
  • Fear of Moving Forward
  • Fear of Oppression / Abuse
  • Fear of Success
  • Fear of Transformation

Why is this transformation so important and how can it help you?

The Well of Fears Transformation helps you to become who you truly are. Who you may feel yourself to be is often based on the construct of your fears which limit you, and you see the world and yourself through these eyes, as if you had a different lens on your eyes or glasses that clouded your vision and perceptions of who you are and how the world is. They drive our patterns and behaviours and quite often we don't know why. We make decisions based on those fears.


The Well of Fears Transformation removes this barrier so that you get to function from your power, not your terror. Your anxiety can be so subtle though that you don’t realise even that it is there. You think it is normal to view the world in this way. It’s only when the Well of Fears Transformation removes the veil from your eyes that you can see that you have been living under a construct which super imposes over your true self.


Essentially, the Well of Fears Transformation frees you to be able to look with an open heart and at an open mind which is not governed by fear. The Well of Fears Transformation removes our distortion in our perceptions, which is so deep and habitual we do not even know we have it. Once these are released your heart starts to yearn for that increased freedom and the options in your life then open up and become more available to you because your fears no longer restrict you in the same manner. We have so many layers of fears accumulated over many lifetimes that this transformation is often done many times over the years as our fear makes us very dense so it is not a one off transformation because each time we get to deeper layers of our core issues and fears. Each time you do this transformation however, you will perceive the world and your inner picture of yourself significantly differently, which gives you more scope to act from your true self, your own identity, not your fears.


How does it work?

With the Well of Fear Analysis I will identify the group of fears that hold you back on your next step of your evolutionary path. We then activate the Light which will flow into your Well of Fears for about a month and target the most prominent ones which are located on the top of the well. The transformation will be 4 - 6 months until the process is completely finished.


With each Light Programme you will peel off layers by layers in the Well of Fears and each time the universe will open new doors and new opportunities for you. You will climb up the evolutionary ladder step by step with shifts in consciousness on a regular basis. The TRUTH will be revealed to you in a step by step process, you become more aware of who you are and why you are here. You will eventually find out your true purpose and you can step into your power and potential.

Dissolving Fears in the Well of Fears

Light Programme

Transformation: 4 -6 months


Energy exchange:


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* David Ashworth discovered and named the term 'well of fears' in his spiritual research and practice (please see the book 'Keys of Transformation').