for apartments, houses and land, home offices

Dense energy is a form of energy that vibrates on lower frequencies. It can be attached or imprinted into walls, furniture, objects etc. It can influence and affect the health and well-being of the people who live in a place that is not cleared.


During a space clearing session the following will be done:


Creating an inner and outer protection against EMF's, electrosmog, satellites, phone masts, high-voltage power lines, 2 - 5G frequencies, LED lighting, negative outside influences

Aura repair of the property

Clearing of dense and stagnated energy in all rooms of your property incl. the land

Releasing of entities, earthbound spirits, split soul parts

Closing of dark negative portals if there are any

Transformation of karmic soul contracts to neighbours and the area

Transforming of all negative thoughts, emotions and events that are imprinted in rooms, walls, furniture, objects from your past incl. from previous owners, tenants and visitors

Neutralising of all rooms in the property

Creating a general protection on all levels for yourself and your family

 Raising the vibration of the property

Creating a sacred space in your home

Anchoring the energies of the property into the Here and Now


The Light can flow up to 12 hours depending on the density of the energies being released.


Tips and tools will be given so that the energy in a home can be maintained. You will also receive instructions for a ritual you can do afterwards to attract positive energies into your life e.g. abundance, creativity, tranquility, relaxation, peace, harmony, love, relationships on a higher level etc.


Space Clearing

Space Clearing: 10 - 12 hours and more


Energy exchange:


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