Essence Celebration

The Celebration Essence is like 'respite in a bottle'. Unlike the other essences which transform in layers over a period of time and emotional growth, the Celebration Essence releases you from worries and reconnects you with your joy. The Essence is not about getting through the daily grind but gives you real hope and a sense of pleasure, fulfilment, productiveness, ability, support, higher purpose, potential, expansion and belief in yourself.


The Celebration Essence is very much about the spiritual plane and almost transcends the earth plane. It releases you in some way from what happens in daily life allowing yourself to be the best you can be. When taking the Essence, immediately you will feel a gladness to be alive and a relief as there is hope to come. This Essence holds deep healing in it and you may feel the sense of support to your spine and back.


The Celebration Essence lifts you and feels light, bright, sunny, hopeful and joyful. It feels very positive and optimistic, quintessentially, warm and lovely.


This Essence is not something you take all the time but you can take after a period of completion of a difficult piece of work, big projects or a series of transformations. It is a gratification for a work well done on your spiritual path. It is an easy Essence to take as it helps you to consolidate and be pleased with your achievements, your journey, your progress.


The Celebration Essence connects you with your authentic self and how you express yourself emotionally from your heart and your inner guidance. It finalises and unifies things in your energy field which is why it is best taken at the end of projects, completions in journeys or cycles. This Essence solidifies the work that you have done on yourself and it is best taken almost as a reward after transformations and transmutations of issues. 


First you have to be disciplined before you can 'celebrate'.


When can you take the essence?

It is recommended to take the Essence towards the end or in between each of the transformations, after finishing a big project, at the end of a period of work, after completing a cycle or resolution to difficulty. This Essence gives you a 'bit of a breather' and helps you to integrate all you have learnt, demonstrating your renewed connection to self, life and inner expansiveness.


Energy: high vibration, uplifting, light




Dosage: 3 drops 3 x per day.


Location: received @ Rüdigershagen, Sacred Site, Thuringia, Germany

Date: 1 February 2019

Recommended dosage: 3 tiny drops 3 x per day until the bottle is finished. Take the essence before breakfast, around lunch time and before going to sleep so that the essence can work over night. You can take the drops either with water or underneath your tongue.


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