Negative outside influences, EMF radiation and 5G

‘5G´ is the fifth generation cellular network technology that has been rolled out in many countries the past few years. The protection session against negative outside influences, EMF radiation and 5G is for the modern living person and also for electrosensitive people.


In this society we are battling with all kinds of influences, not just our internal picture that derives from childhood, outside influences and our internal trauma patterns. We are also battling in the modern world looking at electromagnetic frequency (EMF) radiation coming from e.g. phone masts, pylons, mobile phones, smart meters, LED street lights, LED light bulbs, wifi routers, wifi boosters, baby monitors, smart watches, smart TVs, devices from bluetooth but also from microwave rays, satellites, high-voltage grids, scalar frequencies etc.


Modern technology is fantastically helpful but there is also a price to pay for it as well. Sometimes that can be very exhausting to the spirit; it can take a toll on our bodies.


There are independent scientific studies showing harm from EMF radiation exposure e.g. headaches, infertility, neurological and physiological damage, aging, cancer, autoimmune disease, depression, mutation and degradation of cells in the body, increasing ADHD, 80% decline of our insects the last years, dying trees or animals having died in high numbers after a wind farm was placed next to their land. There have been studies suggesting that also vaccinations can be difficult for us. So, there is a lot of outside interference that can affect us as humans on this planet.


5G has not been properly researched and tested. The fact that countries have delayed or even banned 5G in their countries feels quite indicative. In this country 5G has been welcomed with open arms by the UK government as has things like fracking even though there have been many concerns, safety issues, protests and petitions by the population.


All of these things have an input into one’s personal system. We are made up of a lot of water, our aura and chakras and the whole energetic system is very finely calibrated. We get very affected by these outside influences that happen to us.


There are Shungite crystals made into plates for mobile phones and laptops, Shungite jewellery, Shungite paint, crystals such as spheres and pyramids which are very helpful and will fully protect you from EMF radiation. In early 2020 there had been an activation of the Shungite area in Karelia, Russia due to raising of the earth's vibration. Since then Shungite will protect you against 5G, before it covered only up to 4G.


To have a protective layer inside and around oneself that guards us against any form of EMF radiation or attacks from situations that we are not really clear about - we don’t have a great understanding of what the impact of 5G is yet.


What can you expect during the session?

This Session is specifically orientated towards Protection. Protection for you as an individual, not just physically, also emotionally, mentally, spiritually, protection for your inner light, your soul, everything that makes you up as a human being. This protective session gives you a cushion against any outside influences which feels that it might affect you in a negative way from whatever source, particularly, 5G.


Essentially, this session also gives you a sense of internal Protection. Everything that you have got in your body that belongs to you, stays within you - your soul, your personality, your emotions, your feelings. There will be a Protection around you to ensure that as far as possible you are not affected by 5G in a detrimental manner.


During the session the Light will create a new energetic body in your energy field. This body has extreme fine layers, looks very complicated and is interlinked and interconnected. It will stay with you until the rest of your life and future lives. The setup of our energetic system is not enough anymore as the environment is becoming harsher with e.g. EMFs, chemtrails, fracking, LEDs and especially with the human race moving towards transhumanism; things are speeding up. This protective energetic body is for coping with the changes we are all facing at the moment and the ones to come so, that life doesn’t become a struggle.


The best Protection you can have in general is to go onto a healing journey and peel off dense layers after layers in your energy field, keep going through transformations, healing yourself, keeping on evolving and changing on a constant basis and keeping moving forward so that your own vibration can raise gradually.


I offer the following for full protection on all levels:

  • Protection session: creating an additional energetic body in your energy field for protection
  • Protection essence: releasing blockages internally so that you can hold the inner protection
  • Space clearing for your home: building an inner and outer layer for your property
  • Stepping out of the matrix (incl. karma release, disconnection from archon grid and reincarnation)
  • Elite Shungite aura spray for daily use
  • Protection session for children

These are all helpful tools along your healing journey that will raise your vibration to a very high level.


It is very important that you don't go into ‘fear mode’ but try to stay positive despite these massive changes. Trust that you ARE guided, safe and that you are not alone. The first step towards being protected on all levels is the Awareness that is necessary which means that you then can do something about it!


Transformation: 2 months


Energy exchange:


  • Available