Finding Peaceful Endings

Do you want to ease peacefully through your life times?

Dying is often a taboo subject, but if you look at it more deeply, like birth, it plays an important role in the existence of the soul, as you leave one world and pass into another. 


In addition, negative views of dying and the after-life have been conveyed by religions, which deal with punishment, guilt and sin, creating fears in many of us. 


The metaphysical perspective views death as a process of transition and a gateway to new experiences, it is a portal going from one reality to another.


As we have had many incarnations we have died many times too. Frequently, we were not prepared for passing over and have experienced lots of different fears e.g. fear of death, fear of the unknown, fear of letting go, fear of surrender etc. All those fears and any negative experiences before and during death from previous life times, if not healed, are still saved within us and we can experience them any time during our life.


The dying process is supposed to be the most powerful spiritual experience of our lifetime. If we are not prepared it might be a time of anxiety and nostalgia. Preparing mentally, emotionally, spiritually and practically for this inevitable event provides understanding, clarity, strength and support.


Although, this transformation focuses on death, actually it will help you with all endings in your life e.g. ending of a chapter in your personal or professional life, loss of a loved one, ending of a relationship, letting go of a previous home and ending of any cycle.


Sometimes it is very difficult and overwhelming to be with endings because endings often bring a sense of loss and uncertainty and can be painful. However, they also provide an opportunity for growth and renewal which is missed if you jump onto the next experience without having fully been present with the ending of the last. 


Being present with endings enables us to let go and feel our place in a part of something bigger. It gives us the opportunity to forgive others and ourselves and also to have an understanding of some of the life lessons we have experienced.


This transformation makes endings much easier so that you can transition from this life time and heal other life times which can offer more ability to experience them with joy and harmony. Endings can then be a process of acceptance, freedom and liberation. 



Endings and new Beginnings are an inherent part of Life. 



This transformation enables you to be more present with your life now. In some cases it can actually free physical issues or repetitive themes that you have carried over from many life times.


What can you expect during the session?

This healing takes place on an individual and personal level as well as on matrix interference level. 


During the session letting go and healing of all endings in your current life will take place so, that you can welcome new beginnings more fully. Also, different kind of fears will be released e.g. fear of loss, fear of dying, fear of the unknown etc. 


A healing takes place on all negative experiences during the dying process from all incarnations. All soul parts will be called back and integrated into your system which you may have lost during any previous dying process.


Additionally, any manipulations from the matrix get transformed in connection to the transition process.


Who can participate at the session?

Everybody who wishes to heal endings in their life can participate at this session and who have unresolved issues of loss, grief and rebirth. 


This session will also be a preparation for an easier transition into a new reality whenever that time comes for you in the future.


I also recommend this session to everyone who wants to break free from the matrix. For those, who have done the karma release, disconnecting from the archon grid and reincarnation, this session will be another release of obstacles into FREEDOM and LIBERATION.


May peace finds you as you go gently through this transition of healing endings.   


Transformation: 2 months

Light flows: 3 days


Energy exchange:

Letting go, Endings, Completion and Rebirth


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Life between death and a new birth is as rich and varied as life here between birth and death – Rudolf Steiner