Here you can request the Light for specific occasions and events individually





Court Hearings

Exams etc.

Spiritual Events




Leading meditation groups

Opening a spiritual practice or centre etc.

What is the difference between a Light Transmission and a Light Support?

Light Transmission

During a Light transmission the Light works directly in your energy field, transforming blockages, negative patterns and programming, karmic soul contracts, etc.


Every year we offer Light transmissions in connection with cosmic events e.g. to all sun and moon festivals, also during Easter and Christmas. This allows you to go through an inner and deeper transformation. 


Light Support

During a Light Support an energetic field will be created for you and the Light supports you on an individual basis. So, the Light guides and supports you during an occasion or event e.g. at a lecture or during a birthing process.


We also offer a 12 day Light support for the Twelfth Night Event every year that takes place after Christmas until beginning of January. The dates for all Light transmissions and Light support for the current year can be found on the page 'Light transmission'. Invitations with links to register will be sent out via newsletter. For individual Light Support, please send an email.