Multidimensional Self

Path of Enlightenment

Evolution of Human Consciousness

The concept that you find on this website is designed to give you the opportunity to walk the Path of Evolution which is the Path of Enlightenment, also called Path of Ascension.


The main focus is to prepare you vibrationally for the cosmic event where the ascension to the 5th dimension of humanity and the earth takes place sometime in the future.


This pathway looks like a ladder also called Jacobs Ladder and has many steps of self-mastery. With every transformation you step up at least one step as your vibration raises. You become a different person within as you let go of the past, let go of old wounds, trauma, addiction, karma and heal on a very deep level. When you walk this path of truth, you begin to understand your soul’s purpose and you can step into your full potential and abundance. You will be in the flow with life and harmonised with the vibration of the earth.


When walking the path of Enlightenment going from one transformation to the next, your Multidimensionality gets activated step by step. We are all multidimensional beings with great power and manifestation skills, but because of many previous incarnations, traumatic experiences, working for the dark side, genetic interferences and experiments etc, our multidimensionality doesn’t work effectively as it became partially deactivated. When you heal yourself, you will be reconnected to your True Self, your higher soul, to your home planet and soul family, to the ascended ancestors, the Golden Matrix of the earth and you become an enlightened Master.


Stepping onto the Journey and Reactivating the Multidimensional Self

I quite often recommend starting with the Ancestral Healing so, that you disconnect from war energies, negative family patterns, trauma and any form of abuse in the lineages. You will then get connected to the Ascended Ancestors that are located on higher dimensions. This will give you a deep inner healing and a healthy foundation, so that you can move forward to the next step.


The Karma Release Programme will activate all strands of DNA, it will clear any blocks from your income stream, it will fully incarnate you into your body which will give you a better grounding and focus and it will activate your brain functions. The brain usually operates at 8 – 12% but when you walk this path of purity it will be activated 100% along the way as you step onto the wisdom and master steps.  


When you have finished the Karma Release programme, together with the deletion of Karmic Debts, your frequency will then be high enough to start the 3D to 5D Ascension session. This transformation will create an aspect of you on the 5th Dimension. Your new 5th Dimensional Self will be connected to your 3rd Dimensional Self and you will receive updates and downloads on a regular basis.


When going through the Inner Child Healing, the Light will create a healthy foundation that was not given before or only partially.


The Stepping out of the Matrix programme will empower you to claim back your freedom, sovereignty and free will and step into self-responsibility. We will also transform any manipulation and genetic interference that happened in all previous life times. After your energetic system has been disconnected from the “dark” matrix, you are then ready to get connected to the Golden Matrix and Unity Consciousness.


When releasing Personal Fears and Parental Fears, you will have great shifts in consciousness and will be able to see the truth on a deeper level, depending on where your frequency vibrates.


The Birth Trauma Healing will give you the opportunity to step into your own power and into the force of creation. The birthing process today is mechanised and is no longer sacred, as such all births should be recognised as birth trauma. Therefore, this healing is for everyone.


When going through Healing of the Soul the Light will recall all missing soul shards from all planets, galaxies and universes since the beginning of your soul's journey and integrate them into your system, so that you become whole again. There can be up to 10 000 soul shards missing from your system. You can then get reconnected to your soul planet, soul family and all soul family members that are spread throughout time and space, other dimensions, galaxies and universes.


With the Anchoring the Body in the Here and Now session we will bring back all energy and body systems that can be stuck in the current and previous life times, different dimensions, parallel worlds, other planets and galaxies. You will then get connected to this time dimension which will give you a better inner stability, focus and clarity, grounding and self-connection.


The healing and merging of the Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine within, Healing all past Relationships, Healing the Sexual Self and Re-opening the Heart will heal the "Fall of Man" incident within you, allowing you to open your heart and again access to wholeness, love and peace.


Through the Healing Your Dreamtime, you can enter the realm of reality and co-create with the Earth. 


The Path of healing and purity will carry on and you can free yourself from interplanetary and intergalactic karma and matrix connections. You can then merge your Past Self – Present Self – Future Self to Become a Multi-Dimensional Being.

Are you ready for True Evolution?

Learn how to let go of your present reality

Taking responsibility for yourself

Letting go of anything and everything that you are

Finding the courage to step out of the collective consciousness

Experiencing major shifts in consciousness

Your vibration raises and your perception changes

Continually unfolding your potential

Begin to climb the spiritual ladder into higher truth

Allow the Light to emerge within you

Obtaining higher knowledge and wisdom

Moving into 5th dimensional reality and beyond

Discover the Real Self

Becoming ONE with the Divine consciousness within yourself

Return to Unity consciousness

Are you ready to Step into the Light?