What does self-acceptance mean?

Self-acceptance means to embrace all facets of yourself without judgement with all the strengths and weaknesses, flaws and imperfection, success and failures and positive and negative aspects of yourself. Self-acceptance also means acknowledging your past and your present reality.


Many people have an issue with accepting themselves as they are. That’s why self-acceptance is a journey and a process.


On your spiritual path self-acceptance plays an important role in increasing compassion and the kindness you show to yourself rather than suffering under blame, shame and guilt. Self-Acceptance involves confronting negative beliefs and realising that not everything you think is true. Positive affirmations can help you on your path of self-acceptance.  


Self-acceptance Essence

The Essence of Self-acceptance helps find rest within yourself and it brings you a sense of inner freedom. 


This Essence separates the wheat from the chaff and gives you extreme focus and concentration. It penetrates the throat and the heart chakra very deeply allowing you to speak your truth in a way you may never have done before.


There is an astrological component to this Essence which has to do with real time and life cycles e.g. from maiden to crone and midlife. The Essence will help you accept yourself where you are in your life, accepting what your body looks like, what you are doing in your life, accepting the life stage you are at, knowing where you are on your life’s journey and being compassionate with yourself.


The Essence is very much about seeing yourself as you are and not as you would want to or how society feels that you ought to be.


This Self-Acceptance Essence is very good for people who feel that they should have done something different in their life to what they have done. It releases negative thinking so that you are not so unkind to yourself. The Essence also brings maturity and helps you evaluate relationships. It connects you to real time instead of the matrix clock of time.


When can you take the Essence?

This Essence supports especially the transformations 'Disconnecting from Parental Fears', 'Karma Release', 'Birth Trauma Healing', 'Inner Child Healing' Part 2, 'Anchoring the Body in the Here and Now', ‘Connecting to your Home Planet’, 'Disconnecting from the Archon Grid'.


This Essence is very good for menopausal women as they are often evaluating their life path whilst they adapt to changes in their body. 


You can also take the Essence on its own and it will trigger a 2 months transformation.




Dosage: 3 drops 3 x per day.


Location: received @ Rüdigershagen, Sacred Site, Thuringia, Germany

Date: 30 December 2023

Recommended dosage: 3 tiny drops 3 x per day until the bottle is finished. Take the essence in the morning before breakfast, then around lunch time and before going to sleep so that the essence can work over night. You can take the drops either with water or underneath your tongue.


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