Disconnecting from Parental Fears

and Dysfunctional Family Patterning

Evolution of Consciousness

What is dysfunctional family patterning?

We all suffer from deep negative programmes and conditioning. Issues are passed down through the generations and you therefore might attract the same situation or relationship into your life again and again. 


When you come into this world the first people you meet are usually your mum and dad. The main basic fears they both have will be passed on to you and those fears become your foundation for life e.g. your mum has a fear of conflict and your dad has a fear of swimming in the ocean and this gets passed to you. You avoid conflicts at all costs or the ocean without really knowing why or feel they are dangerous. You then get anxious about your own children facing conflicts or swimming in the ocean.


Out of those fears you develop certain patterns and behaviour and your whole life will be built upon it. Those type of fears are not your own fears but fears that you have taken over from your parents and they from their parents. They are anchored on a very deep level in your energetic system. Therefore, you will always attract people who will mirror certain aspects, patterns and fears of your parents regardless of whether or not you are aware of it.


Dysfunctional patterning gets passed down intergenerationally e.g. fear of sticking up for yourself, fear of criticism, fear of lack, fear of authority figures etc. Even though we try not to be like our parents, you might suddenly ask yourself “why do I seem to have married a man exactly like my Dad”? or “why am I treating my kids in the same way as my parents treated me and yet I had promised myself that I would never behave in the same way towards my children”? Often you can find you do this unconsciously and feel frustrated about it but don’t know how to change it and this behaviour can feel almost ‘hard wired into us’.


We want to have relationships that are healthy and that allow us to be ourselves. This transformation and its effects will be the no 1 helper in assisting you to break free from your family patterning and help you have relationships chosen from your light and not from your wounding.


Why might you need this transformation?

There are some of the personal issues that may count to you, and the transformation affects your own patterning, born out of your own fears. So, for example you may experience:

  • Repetitive patterning in intimate relationships
  • Difficulty saying no to or separating from family
  • Themes of fear of lack / poverty consciousness
  • Lack of own identity
  • Fear of authority figures
  • Rescuing people
  • No strong sense of our own identity
  • People pleasing
  • Problems standing up for ourselves
  • Feeling afraid all the time
  • Very low esteem
  • Highly critical of ourselves
  • Fear of setting boundaries
  • Dealing with narcissistic people

How it works

Firstly, underlying fears will be identified in your system. Those fears generate dysfunctional patterns which are intergenerationally passed down from your parents to you, you to your children and so on. The type of fears amongst others can be:


Survival Fears
Existential Fears
Fear of the Future
Fear of Trust
Fear of Truth
Fear of Perception
Fear of Death


The Light will then flow into your system for 1 month dissolving all identified fears and anchors. The transformation will take between 4 - 6 months until the process will be finished. You may experience great shifts in consciousness and deeper inner freedom.


After the transformation you will then be able to attract people or relationships into your life more on a neutral level and not those people who have similar fears as their foundation.


Who can do this transformation?

Anyone over 18 years


Requirements: ideally, you should do the 3 part programme of the Karma Release Transformation first as you will be disconnected from family and ancestral karma. Also, self-destruction programmes and any karmic soul contracts to family members will be released. During the Karma Release we clear the path first before we go deeper with the Light Programme.


What might you experience after this transformation

People report feeling a deeper truth about who they are and what makes them tick. Often there is a sense of feeling freer from one’s birth family patterns and less bound by fears. It feels easier to say no and as the transformation unfolds it seems as if who you truly are is more permissible and able to be revealed. People report a growth in self-esteem and a sense of personal integration. Some people have stated they feel freer inside and like they can step back a bit from family cords that have bound them or kept them stuck. Once the fears have been dissolved it feels easier to step more deeply into your own power, to be who you truly are as an individual in this world. You may be able to see family and emotional dynamics more objectively and experience much more separation from unhelpful patterns. This is very freeing for the individual and promotes relationships based on choice rather than duty.

Disconnecting from Parental Fears

Light Programme

Transformation: 4 - 6 months


Energy exchange:


  • Available