Creating a 5th Dimensional Self

Humanity and the Earth have been going through an ASCENSION PROCESS for quite a long time now but this was mostly a preparation for the first year of True Evolution which took place in 2020. There were cosmic events happening throughout the year from January to December where the foundation of the 5th dimension was anchored here on Earth in combination with 4 major cosmic events. 


1st major Event

In April 2020 we experienced a zero-point event on a planetary level whereby a new consciousness field replaced the old consciousness template here on earth. This means that the old limits have been surpassed and we can now raise the collective consciousness on this planet to a much higher level for the next 1000 years and beyond. 


2nd - 4th major Event

Between September and December 2020 the very first Ascension took place during 3 major cosmic ascension events. Over 5 million people worldwide who had raised their own vibrational frequency to a certain level by that time were ascending to the 5th dimension. This means that an aspect of them was created on the 5th dimension. The 3rd dimensional Self and the 5th dimensional Self were then connected and that person, since then, has been receiving updates and downloads on a regular basis. As those people have a new frequency within themselves, they are now moving forward on their spiritual path in bigger steps than before. In other words, they now have some aspects connected to 5D, some to 4D whilst the physical body functions on 3D. 


For those who didn’t ascend in 2020 but want to do so, they can still start this process within an individual healing session. 


Most people have reached a certain level of vibration after they have completed the Karma Release programme and the deletion of the Karmic Debt account, and they are then ready to reach the next level of ascension. All progressions will be checked on an individual basis and if you are vibrationally ready, the Ascension Healing can be activated for you.   


Transformation: 3 months

Energy Exchange: £120