Activating The Creation Energy Within You

Birth Trauma is something that affects us immediately in our lives - fundamentally a difficult start right from the beginning. Most of us are not even aware that we suffer from a birth trauma in some form which can still affect us today.


Even with things going well within a hospital environment can generate birth traumas for us due to the medicalisation of births or even, issues like being born via caesarean section can affect us greatly. Birth trauma issues are not just physical complications but can be on every other level e.g. spiritual, emotional, mental and intergenerational levels.


Things that constitute a birth trauma can be issues such as:

  • Highly critical expectations of women and mothers around pregnancy, parenting and birth in general which can lead to huge problems with a mother’s self-confidence or ability to manage
  • Lack of bonding between the mother and foetus / baby
  • Traumatic conceptions
  • Grief or trauma to the mother circumstantially during the pregnancy
  • Caesarean section / Forceps delivery / emergency complications
  • Pain relief given too late in the birth process crossing the placental barrier
  • Being separated from the mother immediately after birth
  • Premature birth / needing to go to special care units / being in an incubator
  • A lot of dread or fear from the mother about having a baby / birth process
  • Rejection from either of the parents / extended family
  • Feeding difficulties
  • Vaccinations
  • Secrecy and hidden agendas around birth and pregnancy
  • Separation trauma e.g. adoption / emergency fostering

It is said that someone should heal their own birth trauma first before giving birth to a child. Most of us do not do this because we may not even be aware that we have had a birth trauma.


Rebirthing therapy can be extremely valuable, but even these would not address the concept of matrix interference in the birth process. During birth the Matrix inserts additional soul contracts into the child in tacit consent. All those contracts and agreements against your free will are the basis of some of the issues that are then causing you problems throughout your life and to the current day.


Sometimes we are experiencing difficulties right from the beginning, and we feel lost but can’t really identify why and no matter how much therapy we may have had we can at times still feel as if something were not quite right with us. These issues form our fundamental start in life and mean that we experience problems today that are the result of our birth trauma.


We will have had many births in many incarnations and in much of those, birth traumas will have been present.


In this session the birth trauma and blockages from this life and all other incarnations will be transformed and negative soul contracts released, so that a deep healing can take place. This process affects people at a very profound level and brings a deep peace within.


People often report feeling a more settled sense of self, a more fundamental safety in the world and ‘clean slate’ type of feeling following this very important transformation. This transformation can also provide an incredibly helpful foundation and gateway prior to other Light work.



Transformation: 2 months


Energy exchange:


  • Available

Essence Reconnection

Do you ever feel like you are lost in life or don’t know where you are going? Do you wonder about the purpose of life?


The Reconnection Essence will reconnect you back to yourself and your Higher Soul. You will be more connected to yourself on a deeper level, finding out who you are and where you belong.


This Essence goes well with the Birth Trauma session as it will support the process.


Transformation: 2 months

For more information: Reconnection Essence

Transformation of


Most of humanity don't remember who they are, where they come from and definitely don't remember their past lives. Part of this comes from the manipulation of the energetic make-up of the mother's womb. During the birthing process the memory of the child will be wiped out. In this healing session the manipulation will be transformed and the mother's womb will be healed so that the child can have a natural birth. You can still request this session even if you have already given birth or you decide not to have any children as the manipulation is still in your energetic system.


Transformation: 2 months