Essence Pattern-Breaker

The Pattern-Breaker Essence takes you out of difficult patterns and cycles feeling like it removes you from the hamster wheel of repetitive behaviours that do not serve you. This Essence is doing the ground work for change. It is very gritty, similar to using very coarse sandpaper first to deep cleanse and remove what isn’t working, replacing it with a level playing field.


This Essence goes into the marrow of your DNA and your bones so it changes you on a very very deep level. Once you have done this transformation, it seals up the holes in your heart that might have been the reason for previous unhealthy behaviours. This Essence does give you hope for the future but after grieving your reality of what has been rather than what you would have chosen in your life path.


The Pattern-Breaker Essence can help you with anything that you are not seeing that you are in bondage to. It brings your unconscious patterns to the surface and helps you acknowledge them. The Essence prepares you to accept pain and difficulty in the areas of life that are not working for you and gives you options to change. It then gives you the possibility to break the cycle and step out.


The Pattern-Breaker Essence is quite Plutonic as it will take you deep down to the subconscious and you will re-emerge out on the other side, providing you with an alternative behaviour.


This Essence can also bring up some sadness and disappointment of what has been, especially something you always wanted but didn’t get e.g. having children. It helps you to integrate grief and it enables you to talk about things to move them forward.


Taking this Essence will be deep emotional work as it will get to the root cause of why things are as they are in your life but also why you might do the same thing again and again even though you might not want to or know that something is not good for you.


When can you take this essence?

You can either take this Essence to support the Karma Release Transformation or any Light Programme. The Essence can also help you with any form of addictions, repetitive and rigid patterns such as going back into abusive or addictive relationships. The Essence takes you out of the treadmill, helping you see your own part in things.


This Essence is very good to take in stuck situations or if you don’t learn from mistakes and you keep doing the same things over and over again. It will give you a sense of realisation and permanence as this Essence is very much looking of what is underneath the pattern.




Vibration: slow

Energy: illuminating, penetrating, cleansing, releasing


Dosage: 1 drop per day.


Location: received @ Lake 'Bergsee', Delliehausen, Lower Saxony, Germany

Date: 1 May 2019

Recommended dosage: 1 tiny drop every day until the bottle is finished. Take the essence either in the morning before breakfast or before going to sleep so that the essence can work over night. You can take the drops either with water or underneath your tongue.


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