Essence Inner and Outer PEACE

The Peace Essence makes you pay attention to what has caused disharmony in your life. It will give you an understanding where you have been in life and where you have been hurt physically and emotionally.


You carry information and negative programming of your ancestors. This Essence is very connected to the lineage and will release ancestral karma within you.


The Essence is a karmic reality check where you are looking back at your lineage and see how it affects you and what has been passed down to you.


This essence has an element of atonement enabling you to assimilate life lessons.


When taking the Essence it kick starts you, bringing you into alignment in the here and now. It is quite thorough, very invigorating and gives you courage to look at things that have been previously hidden to you.


The Essence brings up unresolved lessons and behaviour pattern that either you or your lineage have experienced and takes it out of your system. The essence will release negative programming, parasites, 'war' energy and mismanagement of power issues. There can be an outpouring of grief from the heart which may be painful yet releasing. The Essence is very cleansing and will especially release shame and anything that has not been in accord with 'peace'.


During the transformation it will bring up everything that is not peace first. When the blockages are released you will feel peace as you work through each layer bit by bit.


When can you take the Essence?

This Essence goes well especially with Ancestral Healing, Karma Release Transformation and Anchoring the Body in the Here and Now. It can also be taken separately for a 2 months transformation.


You can take the Peace Essence several times as there are 2 levels of peace you can climb up: Inner Peace and Outer Peace.




Dosage: 3 drops 1 x per day, in the morning.


Location: received @ Rüdigershagen, Sacred Site, Thuringia, Germany

Date: 5 January 2020

Recommended dosage: 3 tiny drops in the morning before breakfast until the bottle is finished. However, after 2 weeks you can increase to 3 drops 2 x per day, morning and lunch time. You can take the drops either with water or underneath your tongue.


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