Evolutionary Essences

These Essences are High Vibrational Evolutionary Essences. They have been given to me by my spiritual guidance for the evolution of human consciousness. Traditional Vibrational Essences are once such as Bach Flower remedies, Bush Flower remedies, Crystal essences etc and these work mainly in the energetic system. However, Evolutionary Essences work on the level of consciousness, karma and specifically in the Well of Fears. The core of your fear is located there. This means that these Evolutionary Essences work for more permanent change as they work on such a deep level.


Although Evolutionary Essences and Traditional Vibrational Essences work on different levels, they can work well together as the Traditional Essences can sooth some of the feelings that Evolutionary Essences bring up as we work through the issues in our psyche.


When can you take the essence?

When taking the essence daily, it will last you for about a month and you will go through a 2 month transformation. You can take the remedy either in combination with a Light Programme, Karma Release Transformation, when Stepping out of the Matrix or in certain life circumstances. This can heighten the effects of the transformation and peel off layers more quickly.


Energy Exchange: £19 or £21 plus P&P - 10ml


Contains: channelled information, Glastonbury spring water, brandy

Please specify on ordering if you need your essence without alcohol.

Essence Abundance
Do you feel like you do not have enough? Do you feel as if your needs are never met? Are you afraid that you don't deserve good things in life or that they will ever happen for you? Do you feel like that you are always in lack? The Essence o ... (Read More)
Essence Ascension
The Essence of Ascension will give you a sense of intense focus as it scrutinises something in the most minute detail. It requires a lot of concentration and gives you the feeling of being able to absolutely pinpoint something. It puts every ... (Read More)
Essence Authenticity
The Journey back to Authenticity and Innocence   The Essence of Authenticity will re-connect you to your spiritual blue print, your true identity and to the origin of innocence. When taking the Essence you will also be connected to ... (Read More)
Essence Celebration
The Celebration Essence is like 'respite in a bottle'. Unlike the other essences which transform in layers over a period of time and emotional growth, the Celebration Essence releases you from worries and reconnects you with your joy. The Es ... (Read More)
Essence Earth Link
Do you feel you have no clarity, focus or direction in life?   Then this is the right Essence for you!   When taking the Earth Link Essence it will go straight into your heart, opening it and purging any negativity. I ... (Read More)
Essence Forward Movement
This Essence is a solution finder. It is an individual essence and is very specific to you and your life. It gives you the determination to see something through to the end.   It prioritises the main issue that requires your focus ... (Read More)
Essence Freedom
The Freedom Essence frees you from inner ties in your energetic system and cords and wrappings around the heart. This Essence also eases communication and allows you to speak your truth without fear of recrimination or offending anybody but ... (Read More)
Essence Golden Light
The Golden Light Essence is a calming essence to take following having emerged from a hard time e.g. any struggle in life, separation from a partner, divorce, big life changes, battle within the country or globally. This Essence makes you ve ... (Read More)
Essence Harmony Within
The Harmony Within Essence has a dual aspect to it. Often, the mind may want to jump ahead but the body has its capability and limitations. This Essence supports you in knowing what is your boundary and unifying it within. It promotes self-e ... (Read More)
Essence Pattern-Breaker
The Pattern-Breaker Essence takes you out of difficult patterns and cycles feeling like it removes you from the hamster wheel of repetitive behaviours that do not serve you. This Essence is doing the ground work for change. It is very gritty ... (Read More)
Essence Re-unification
The Re-unification Essence has a lot of truth and integrity to it and it feels like you are breathing in authenticity when you take it. The Essence makes you realise what has ‘not’ been LOVE in the past. It is about letting go of everything ... (Read More)
Essence Recalibration
This Essence is quite a physical essence seeking out cells for repair in the body. It is a bit like a diagnostic tool looking at what is going on in the body and making an inventory of all blockages and what needs reparation. Then, for a per ... (Read More)
Essence Reconnection
Do you ever feel like you are lost in life or don’t know where you are going? Do you wonder about the purpose of life?   The Reconnection Essence will reconnect you back to yourself and your Higher Soul. You will be more connected ... (Read More)
Essence Restoration
This Essence is like love and kindness being poured into your heart. Rather than being like a romantic love, this Essence is a kind love, benevolent love or restorative love. The energy is very gentle and calming. This Essence is quite found ... (Read More)
Essence Self-Belief
The Self-Belief essence works very deeply in the heart chakra and also in the solar plexus, throat chakra and the emotional body. It helps us really connect in a very deep way to our own sense of power and self-validation.   In ... (Read More)
Essence Self-Realisation
Self-realisation is becoming conscious of yourself, to be aware of yourself, to realise who you are and what your truth is. It is about the fulfillment of your potential. The Self-Realisation Essence will take you deep within yourself in a s ... (Read More)
Essence Truth
This Essence will help you to release veils on mental and consciousness level. A connection from the mental level to the heart will be created to be able to see and perceive the pure truth and then live it. This process goes in stages. When ... (Read More)

Divine Essences

Essence Inner and Outer PEACE
The Peace Essence makes you pay attention to what has caused disharmony in your life. It will give you an understanding where you have been in life and where you have been hurt physically and emotionally.   You carry informatio ... (Read More)
Essence Inner and Outer PROTECTION
It is recommended that you take the Protection Essence several times because there are 3 levels to this Essence you can climb up: Physical Protection, Spiritual Protection, Divine Protection.    Dosage: 3 drops 3 x per day. ... (Read More)
Essence LOVE
It is recommended that you take the Love Essence several times because there are 3 levels to this Essence you can climb up: Physical Love, Unconditional Love, Divine Love.    Dosage: 3 drops 3 x per day.   Location: r ... (Read More)
Essence PURITY
There are 4 levels to the Essence of Purity: the physical level, the chakras and energetic bodies, the soul level and the level of consciousness. Therefore, it is recommended to take the essence several times to purify yourself on all levels ... (Read More)
There are 3 levels to the Essence of Wholeness: the level of the body, mind and soul. Therefore, it is recommended to take the essence several times to become whole on all levels.   The Essence of Wholeness brings you into the pres ... (Read More)

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