Which path do you choose?

Covid vaccination from a Spiritual Perspective

There has been a massive campaign promoting vaccination and it appears to have played on people’s worst fears regarding travel, socialisation and protecting other people. This has made it very difficult for people to find their own opinion because independent thought is currently viewed as conspiracist or selfish.


It is important that you do whatever your guidance tells you is the best thing for you, however, before you sign up for the vaccination experiment I would like to give you a spiritual perspective.


First of all, it appears that the vaccine creates a split between the soul and mind and cuts off the Divine connections from the crown chakra up to the universe. It then manufactures blockages with the links going from the base chakra connecting to the earth meaning that it blocks your ability to create, your natural grounding ability and permission find your true identity.


Additionally, it deactivates the chakra system. We are Divine Beings that operate on 7 colour frequencies coming from the chakras, even if people are not fully aware of it. When deactivating the chakra system the aura starts to shrink hence the person will have less protection from outside influences and again gets disconnected from their own energetic balance.


We all come from different planets, galaxies and even universes and are all currently having experiences on Earth. However, we are still connected to our soul family and home planet on a spiritual level so, that we find our way ‘home’ once we finish whatever we want to experience on Earth and elsewhere. It appears when taking the vaccine it disconnects the person from their soul members and also home planet.


When going through the karma release programme all 12 strands of DNA will be activated and the natural brain capacity raised but deactivated again following taking the vaccine. The soul will be connected 100% with the physical body after having finished the programme which gives the person a very good grounding, stability and access to oneself on a deeper level. After the vaccination the soul gets greatly disconnected from the physical body.


When family members get vaccinated it creates a weakness inside the family tree. This also causes a weakness and instability for the unvaccinated. Therefore, I recommend the transformation "connection to the ascended ancestors" so that people especially children receive a solid support and can cope better with this situation. For more information please see here: ancestral healing


For those who already have done a vast amount of work on themselves including stepping out of the matrix and reincarnation, you will get reconnected again to the wheel of reincarnation and the matrix. The descension process also has an impact on future incarnations where the soul will only be allowed to incarnate on lower density worlds until a higher vibration is reached.


However, it is possible to re-activate the energetic system but this process will take 4 - 6 months at least.


If you want to stay on the spiritual path and if this is important to you and if you want to continue to access your Divine power, free will, creativity and abundance, manifesting your goals, it is vital to activate and heal your energetic system, moving up in vibration and expanding your consciousness.


The vaccination is another step into the transhumanist agenda. It is about giving up your free will and descending instead of ascending. In summary, the person gets detached from themselves!


For a so called ‘spiritual person’ when the descension process is complete the person will come off the spiritual path and will not have much interest in doing further healing work on themselves or finding their sovereignty and their individual voice. When participating at a Light transmission or doing any healing work the Light might not be able to penetrate the energy field and it might be blocked off from the person’s system.


Therefore, I recommend doing your own research and watch interviews with doctors, scientists and even Big Pharma where they explain e.g. that the body gets genetically modified, the DNA gets replaced with a synthetic one and that nano technology is used which is an artificial intelligence (AI) that takes over the body’s systems. You can read this information before making a decision for your own future and that of your children.


Your Free Will will be the most important determining factor in deciding in whether or not to have the vaccine and whether or not it is right for you. If you at least have alternative information you can make a balanced decision incorporating a variety of viewpoints rather than only the one that is being promoted by various authorities.