About Diana

Diana is a metaphysician, complementary therapist and crystal healer working with energy and light. She is also a spiritual counsellor, navigator, spiritual explorer and truth seeker. Diana has been dedicating her life to assist humanity and Earth in this grand process of change.


Diana was born in Germany and moved to the UK in the year 2000. She has been on her spiritual path since her first awakening in 2002 when she went on a journey to India.


She qualified as a Subtle Energy Medicines Specialist at the Vibrational Healing Foundation (VHF) in London, where she specialised in energy and crystal healing, flower healing, colour and sound healing, Bach Flower therapy and stress healing. This specialist qualification consists of 4 years training over a period of 6 years including case studies.


Diana also studied at the University of Metaphysical Sciences USA learning about alternative and spiritual concepts, for example health studies, world religions, developing meditation and intuitive skills, transforming personality, consciousness, Divination systems, reincarnation and metaphysical technologies.


Diana trained with the EH School of Enlightenment UK over a period of 5 years where she first came in contact with Evolutionary Light. Diana went through many transformations over the years until she received herself access to a frequency of evolutionary Light and incorporated it into her spiritual work.


In Diana’s own spiritual development she went through many transitions over the years with the powerful Well of Fears programme and working with Evolutionary Light Essences in combination with working with energies herself.


As Diana went through these transformations her vibration went up level after level after level and opened her consciousness. Every time Diana’s vibration shifted to a new level her perspective of reality and her perspective of truth shifted as well. Her inner vision changed and she began to understand things differently. Diana found clarity, direction in life, becoming who she really is and becoming who she came here to be and stepped into her life’s purpose and potential hence brought more synchronicity into her life.


When Diana made all these transitions up the ladder she began to understand the bigger picture about herself, her life, where she is standing in the world and she started seeing and understanding The Matrix construct. Through her spiritual guidance Diana was then given a 3-course programme on how to Step out of the Matrix and another 3-part programme on how to Disconnect from Reincarnation for greater inner freedom for the individual person and for humanity which was the first piece of a larger spiritual concept.


Diana was then given the 3-part programme of the Karma Release Transformation as a next piece of the concept that freed people from their situations that were circumstantial around them and people finally moved forward in life.


As Diana continued to grow and evolve herself she was then given the next pieces of the concept to help other people grow and evolve themselves as follows:


Ancestral Healing

Birth Trauma Healing

Anchoring the Body in the Here and Now

Soul Shard Retrieval

How to finally live a Life of Abundance

Disconnection from Parental Fears and Dysfunctional Family Patterning

Working with Evolutionary Essences

and much more


Through the monthly Sessions and Light Transmissions Diana has been able to help thousands of people worldwide since 2012.


Each time Diana goes through further transitions she becomes more open to finding out about new pieces of the concept. They are given to her as she is herself evolving.


Everything that is listed on Diana’s website is channelled information that the universe and the spiritual guidance wants to offer to her and everyone else so that people can evolve more quickly.


The transformational concept is not complete yet and more programmes and courses are constantly given by spiritual guidance. So, Diana’s website will be regularly updated. Every time there is new guidance it will be sent out via newsletter and updated on the website accordingly. Please sign up below for new information and events.


Diana's healing work consists not only in helping and supporting others on their evolutionary path and raising of consciousness but she is also a major contributor to planetary healing.


With Love, Peace and Gratitude

Diana Jaritz B. Msc.