About Diana

Diana is a metaphysician, complementary therapist and crystal healer working with energy and light. She is also a spiritual counsellor, navigator, spiritual explorer and truth seeker. Diana has been dedicating her life to assist humanity and Earth in this grand process of change.


Diana was born in Germany and moved to the UK in the year 2000. She has been on her spiritual path since her first awakening in 2002 when she went on a journey to India.


She qualified as a Subtle Energy Medicines Specialist at the Vibrational Healing Foundation (VHF) in London, where she specialised in energy and crystal healing, flower healing, Bach Flower therapy and stress healing. This specialist qualification consists of 4 years training over a period of 6 years including case studies.


Diana also studied at the University of Metaphysical Sciences USA learning about alternative and spiritual concepts, for example health studies, world religions, developing meditation and intuitive skills, transforming personality, consciousness, Divination systems, reincarnation and metaphysical technologies.


She has been a student at the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment UK over a period of 5 years where she first came in contact with Evolutionary Light. Diana went through many transformations over the years until she received herself access to a frequency of evolutionary Light and incorporated it into her spiritual work.


Here she learned the difference between Energy & Light. Even though we call many different Energies Light but when looking at the quality there is a great difference. When working with healing energies, for example crystal healing the Energy will be channelled. When working with Light it will be manifested. Light frequencies are evolutionary in their nature and carry consciousness. With Evolutionary Light you climb up the evolutionary ladder and you keep becoming a different person from within with more and more freedom, peace and abundance.


Diana also followed the teachings of a Galactic Historian where she gained deeper knowledge and wisdom about Universal and Galactic History. Through soul contract revocations Diana was able to free herself from thousands of karmic contracts and family crests, different matrix layers and the wheel of re-incarnation. After a soul family reunion she finally connected to members of her soul family on Earth and on a cosmic level after a very very long time. She went through many realisations and obtained the fullness of her dreamtime (realm of the real) where she can now co-create and manifest, visiting other worlds and galaxies and connects to her origin soul planet.


She gained more and more awareness over the years and came closer to living her true potential and hence brought more synchronicity into her life.


Diana's healing work consists not only in helping and supporting others on their evolutionary path but she is also a major contributor to planetary healing.


Diana has met and trained with several amazing teachers since her first awakening. Her most beloved sister Kristin who is also her best friend and most significant teacher and Guide in her life has been her constant companion on the path of Evolution. Without her she would not have been on the level where she stands now.


With Love, Peace and Gratitude

Diana Jaritz MVHF, MFSEM