Healing Your Dream World

Do you have a deep and healthy sleep? Do you wake up in the morning feeling joy, happiness, positivity, motivation, inspirations and having lots of energy?


If this is not the case and instead you feel drained, have restless sleep, feel worried, anxious or have frequent nightmares you might need to heal your DREAMTIME.


There can be many reasons for this but some of them might be having a damaged or not fully healed DREAM BODY, being connected to artificial dream cities and disconnected from the Unified Global Dreamtime and Aurora Borealis / Australis.


Our dream world has been hijacked by the matrix for harvesting energy and that's why there are artificially created dream spaces on earth where most of humanity dream during their sleep. They are disconnected from the natural way of dreaming. Dreaming on those lower levels is very limiting as you enter a finite space at night.


There are different levels where you can consciously travel to during the night. There is a Unified Global Dreamtime that is connected to the earth and there are also higher levels called Aurora Borealis and Aurora Australis that exist outside of our planet. When travelling to those higher planes you connect to infinite possibilities. You can even create or activate your goals and bring it back to 3D reality and manifest them here.


You now have the possibility to break free and experience the fullness of your dreamtime - accessing Infinity - the Realm of Reality - outside of Time. When reaching this level you will experience a restful dreamtime and you will wake up in Divine energies, receiving guidance, inspirations and experiencing joy, light and love.


A deeper connection to a healed dream body enables the physical body to find true rest, vitality and regeneration from a place of peace. These sessions can help to bring a deeper connection to yourself and your life.


This type of healing consists of 3 separate sessions with an unfolding time of up to 8 weeks each.


Session 1 - Healing your Dreaming Body

We have many energy bodies in our energy field. There are major and minor energy bodies in our aura. One of them is the dream body. The dream body can be damaged and not working properly because of pollution, docking stations, anchors, holes, negative imprints, implants, personal and ancestral karma in the dream body and lack of protection. If your dream body is not fully healed and activated you might dream only on lower planes. This can give you negative emotions like grief, loneliness, feeling down and drained, being less motivated, having no direction in life and no clarity.


If your dream body is fully healed, activated and protected you can dream on higher planes when you leave your body during your sleep.


Session 2 - Disconnection from artificial dream cities

90% of humanity dream in artificially created dream spaces for manipulation, energy harvesting, control and surveillance. During the transformation you will be disconnected from it and your energy system will be re-programmed and adjusted.


Session 3 - Unified Global Dreamtime and the Aurora Borealis / Aurora Australis

The next step will be to dream at a higher level called "Unified Global Dreamtime". This is a natural way where Humanity suppose to meet and dream together with the dreaming mind of earth but the link was disconnected a long time ago.


To dream at an even higher level will be to travel to the Aurora Borealis (north pole) und Aurora Australis (south pole). The Aurora Borealis is a place between Earth and the Universe where you can connect with different races, your soul family from other star systems and your earthly ancestors who are already in unity. You also can conduct healing sessions for yourself and others from there or co-create according to your life's purpose and bring it into the physical world. What you create in dreams becomes reality. Therefore it is so vital to have a healthy dreamtime. Receive access to whole new layers of knowingness and understandings!


To be able to dream at the Unified Global Dreamtime and the Aurora Borealis / Australis blockages will be released, the link will be re-activated and your dream body re-programmed.


Additional to those healing sessions you will receive guidance and self-help tools on how to restore your dreamtime, how to remember your dreams, how to manifest from there and how to do healing sessions for yourself, others and the earth.

Dream World

Transformation: 2 months


Energy exchange, each transformation:


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