Essence PURITY

There are 4 levels to the Essence of Purity: the physical level, the chakras and energetic bodies, the soul level and the level of consciousness. Therefore, it is recommended to take the essence several times to purify yourself on all levels.


On the level of the heart the Purity Essence releases a lot of density and negative emotions like jealousy, envy, hate, greed, revenge, spite, selfishness, negative experiences and impurities of any kind. It can bring up grief to the surface especially that has been held in the heart and also any defensiveness you carry in the heart.

This Essence can help you to bring up more love and kindness, compassion, gratitude, trust and forgiveness and you will be able to see more beauty in your life.


The Essence of Purity can also help you with trauma, abuse, addiction and compulsive behaviour. It is also very helpful if you are confused about relationships and if you don’t know the true meaning of relationships.


When you purify yourself with this Essence it will give you strength and it brings up a unity within.


What is Purity?

Purity comes in many different forms and means that we have to cleanse and purify ourselves and our physical, etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies to become balanced and transparent so that the Divine Light can come through you to radiate within you. The more purified you are the more you are aligning yourself with your core essence and singularity of who you are, so that you can live your truth and authenticity.


If you want to be pure you must rise to higher levels of consciousness and awareness. A life of purity is a life of truthfulness and love. The importance lies in the desire behind your actions and not satisfying a need.


Living an authentic life will give you the foundation to walk the path of perfection and wisdom.


If you manage to make all your bodies very pure and subtle, you will be able to manifest the Divine Light more and more, so that your soul can blossom.


Practical ways of purifying your life 


  • Creating a sacred space in your environment that will be supportive
  • Creating sacred relationships that are based on authenticity
  • Eating pure and healthy food
  • Purifying your thoughts and feelings
  • Being pure in your speech
  • Being truthful towards yourself
  • Purity in service in alignment with your life’s purpose
  • Being pure in your spiritual practice  


When can you take the Essence of Purity?

This Essence will support any transformation.


You can also take the essence on its own and it will take you through a 2 months transformation.




Vibration: medium

Keynote: Initiation


Dosage: 3 drops 3 x per day.


Location: received @ Sacred Site in Rüdigershagen, Thuringia, Germany

Date: 2 January 2023

Recommended dosage: 3 tiny drops 3 x per day, every day until the bottle is finished. Take the essence in the morning before breakfast, around lunch time and before going to sleep so that the essence can work over night. You can take the drops either with water or underneath your tongue.


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