Deleting Your Debt Account

Creating Your Abundance Account

There are 2 different systems that have been operating here on this planet, the incarnation and the reincarnation. Most people, about 92% of the world’s population are born via reincarnation and have had many life times on planet earth. The reincarnation is part of the matrix and souls don’t have free will and are stuck in a hamster wheel reincarnating again and again and again. On the other hand, the incarnation is a Divine system and souls come here out of free will and are not connected to the matrix, reincarnation and are karma free on this level.
Over many life times going around in the wheel of reincarnation people were building up karmic debt that could not be repaid. Every soul has an ‘account’ (a separate energetic space) where all your deeds are saved. The karmic debt continued to grow as people were not learning so therefore were creating more difficult karma for themselves, getting stuck and stagnant and thus the debt account grew.
On the other hand, all souls that come in via the incarnational system are born with a ‘clean’ account because they don’t hold any karmic debts. They have a much easier start in life and they can fill up a positive account right from the beginning.
You can clear your karmic debt account yourself when doing forgiveness work and through prayers. The problem is because of too much karma and debt building up it will take several life times to clear it in this way.
When many people clear their own karma, their debt account and step out of the matrix there can be a fresh lease of life like a new birth right which offers different possibilities for brand new souls incarnating.
During this session the debt account will be deleted and a new ‘clean’ one will be created. It is a bit like a reset. This process will take about 2 – 3 months.
How does it work?
Part 1 - the debt account will be deleted.
Part 2 - there is then a 16 day light support time so that the previous lessons can be integrated. Each day will focus on a different aspect and those will be:

These are steps to how you can then utilise your new account in responsible, peaceful, truthful and abundant ways of living.
Part 3 – creation of a new account. This session allows you the opportunity to put into practise the light support as your new account is created.
Clearing your karma and deleting your debt is about rebirth. You can leave the past behind and start anew with the integration of the aspects previously mentioned. When the new account is created, it is important that you are ready to take responsibility for your own actions.


This session will give you the opportunity to live as cleanly as possible and being accountable for your own life, choices, actions, environment and behaviour towards other human beings.
Please note: you can only do this session after you have finished the 3 part karma release programme as you have to clear your karma from all life times first.

Deleting Your Debt Account

Transformation: 2 - 3 months


Energy exchange:


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Abundance Essence

The Essence firstly works on removing internal blockages to being able to receive Abundance and then secondly, it enables us to be open to receiving on all levels, as we then believe that we are worth it. As we start to believe and behave like we deserve Abundance the Universe aligns us to that believe energy and reflecting it back to us, the more we receive.


The Abundance Essence goes well with creating the Abundance account as it will support the process.


Transformation: 2 months

More information: Essence Abundance