Essence Authenticity

The Journey back to Authenticity and Innocence


The Essence of Authenticity will re-connect you to your spiritual blue print, your true identity and to the origin of innocence. When taking the Essence you will also be connected to unity consciousness. Additionally, the Essence will take you out of polarity and connects you to the field of neutrality so, that you have more options.


The Essence is like the spiritual court of equity in a bottle as it shows you your mistakes, your lessons and generations of consequences. It is very introspective and works with you depending on where you need help. It analyses, weighing and measuring your system first.


It is like a teaching Essence as it tells you why you might have made certain decision and it shows you your behaviour. The Essence will meet you where you are on your path of self-development. It works quickly but deeply and the pace is on an individual basis. It is unique to each person. The Essence will bring up everything that is unspoken or has not been dealt with from this or previous lives or from the lineage.


The Essence is like a trouble shooter. It will look at where you are, what is going on for you and it will bring issues up to your consciousness for you to be free of them. The Essence has a purgative effect and when taking it you will release everything emotionally and physically from your system that is sick and which you no longer need. You will also release imprints in teeth and bone structure that can be very ancient.


The Essence is very individual and will release different blockages for different people. It pushes you to get on track spiritually and it helps you find your priority. Eventually, it will bring out the goodness in you and who you really are. It shows you your true essence.


When can you take the essence?

You can take this Essence several times as it will take a lot of clearing, releasing and purging until you reach your full Authenticity and Innocence. You can take the Essence if you want to get serious about your life. It will also support any transformation you go through.




Dosage: 3 drops 3 x per day.


Location: received @ Rüdigershagen, Sacred Site, Thuringia, Germany

Date: 1 February 2020

Recommended dosage: 3 tiny drops 3 x per day until the bottle is finished. Take the essence in the morning before breakfast, then around lunch time and before going to sleep so that the essence can work over night. You can take the drops either with water or underneath your tongue.


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