There are 3 levels to the Essence of Wholeness: the level of the body, mind and soul. Therefore, it is recommended to take the essence several times to become whole on all levels.


The Essence of Wholeness brings you into the present, it widens your vision and gives you a bigger and a more positive perspective. It helps to find your internal justice and fairness. This Essence brings you into consciousness and sharp focus with what is really going on and helps you to see the truth.


The Essence of Wholeness unites all fragmented aspects of yourself on all levels and transcends limitations. It brings you into a state of wholeness, balance, clarity and joy.


What is Wholeness?

Wholeness is at the core of our spiritual path. It is a state of being, a state of oneness. We have to become one with ourselves and the Divine. Wholeness creates unity in our being. To do this, we must heal and integrate many aspects of ourselves.


Wholeness is where we create a balanced relationship between our inner and outer world. To walk the path of wholeness is a commitment, a journey and a process where you peel off the layers so that you experience more inner wholeness.


Wholeness means that you will come into fullness and more abundance and you will experience the state of pure being. Wholeness is the essence of who we are.


The ancient symbol for wholeness is the mandala, a Sanskrit word for ‘circle’.


When can you take the Essence?

The essence supports the transformation ‘Unifying & Merging the Masculine and Feminine Aspects’ within.


You can also take the essence after you have completed e.g. the Karma Release programme, Stepping out of the Matrix programme, the Abundance programme and after the Inner Child healing Part 1 and 2.


You can also take the Essence on its own and it will trigger a 2 months transformation.




Dosage: 3 drops 3 x per day.


Location: received @ Rüdigershagen, Sacred Site, Thuringia, Germany

Date: 29 December 2022

Recommended dosage: 3 tiny drops 3 x per day until the bottle is finished. Take the essence in the morning before breakfast, then around lunch time and before going to sleep so that the essence can work over night. You can take the drops either with water or underneath your tongue.


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