From Separation to Reconnection

Anchoring the Body in the HERE & NOW

Would you like to live in the HERE and NOW?

If you live in the here and now your life becomes a lot easier and you will be more in the flow with whatever happens in life, in your country, on this planet and most importantly with your own spiritual self-development.


But what does it actually mean to live in the HERE and NOW?

Many people have a variety of reasons why they may not be living within their bodies in the here and now. Memories, trauma and emotions are stored in the cells. Different parts of our body can operate almost on different timelines. For example, have you ever had a massage and felt really emotional or that it has triggered some memory in you?


The present moment is always in the HERE and NOW. The problem is that nobody is actually calibrating in the here and now, even people who have done many years of healing work on themselves. If you are not attuned correctly it becomes very difficult for most people to stay present and to be in the flow. Lots of people are scattered and it feels like they are standing at the wrong bus stop waiting for a train.


There are many people that are born with the wrong information in their system or DNA, they don’t have the right codes, they have an incomplete energetic system or even part of the consciousness is connected somewhere else. Some people have it to a great level and some people have it to a minor degree. These are things that we might have just accepted it as personality flaws or circumstantial. Most people don’t know why they feel that way.


There are people who only talk about the past or people who only talk and think about the future and it is difficult for them to see what is actually going on in front of them.


Many people are incarnated in this world with an inaccurate or incomplete set of skills, tools and abilities and it becomes difficult to manage day to day living. Sometimes that may be because they have debilitating programmes of self-destruction, self-sabotage, self-sacrifice or it may even be not having the right gene codes for this planet when incarnating. It means that we are starting the process of life from different advantage points.


Why would I want this session?

This transformation can assist you in calibrating your system and DNA so that you can be more in harmony with yourself, your environment and your timeline.


This transformation is not dissimilar to soul retrieval work. Often we can become dissociated from different parts of ourselves and thus become fragmented. These are some of the reasons why people can become separated from parts of themselves:

  • Trauma
  • Extreme fears
  • Accidents
  • Shock experiences
  • Not letting go of the past
  • Organ and blood donations
  • Blood transfusion
  • Operations
  • Illnesses
  • Loss
  • Taking over karma
  • Splitting in the body / system
  • False beliefs
  • Suicide attempt
  • Not letting go during the process of dying
  • Extreme negative experiences
  • Fear of the future
  • Transition of the soul from one planet to another or between universes
  • Manipulation / matrix interference

This transformation will help you re-align all of the aspects or parts of you that have been left behind due to one or several of the previous events.


This session is for people who can’t seem to get their lives together, people who feel stuck in life or  have too many health issues that they can’t seem to get to the bottom of things or people who are struggling in life without knowing why. This transformation can help you re-integrate, reconnect and re-unify on all levels and bringing the disparate or fragmented self back into alignment. From this point on you can then continue your journey as the whole self.


What can you expect during the session?

During the session the 15 main systems of the human body and the 15 energetic systems will be brought into the NOW.


You will be attuned to this time and space dimension. Each year has a different energy and vibration. That is why e.g. the year 2021 feels different to the year 2022. It is important that you are attuned to the correct year so that life events become easier to manage. This might include managing astrological influences upon you.


How does this session work?

Firstly, I will do an analysis of all your main body systems and the main energetic systems where I identify what is out of tune or not in balance. This analysis will be sent to you via email.


When the Light is activated blockages, the wrong coding or wrong information of any kind will be released. This is the time where you can let go of things that doesn't serve you any longer and you can let go of the past on all levels. Your whole system will be cleared, healed and reintegrated. You will receive the right codes or new codes will be created for you for those who don’t have them. After the releasing and clearing you are then restored back to yourself, reconnected and your system reintegrated to your current time and space. Afterwards, re-attuning and re-calibrating will take place and your body and your energetic system will be anchored in the HERE and NOW.

Anchoring the Body in the HERE & NOW

Transformation: 2 months


Energy exchange:


  • Available

Essence Re-unification

This Essence enables you to unite with yourself and hold a strong boundary so that you know who you are. When taking the Essence it re-unifies all elements within you and all body systems on the physical and energetic level so, you become more whole.


The Re-unification Essence goes well with the Here & Now session as it will support the process.


Transformation: 2 months

More information: Essence Re-unification