Restoring Your Energetic System

Last Call to Change Course

It is very easy as we journey through life in the modern world to become detached from our spiritual heritage. Whether through culture or science, it seems there is an agenda to disrupt an individual's grounding and spiritual presence.


In the past 2 years, this ramped up to an unimaginable intensity and the result is that the vast majority of people may have made decisions at the time that they now regret regarding their health and wellbeing. They may not have realised the magnitude of the consequences of having made these decisions.


Since the beginning of 2021, I became aware of what was happening to people energetically after following  certain ‘governmental, medical and scientific’ advice and this led me to develop a transformation to restore the spiritual connection that was lost through this intervention.


People have reported the following:

  • Feeling disconnected from themselves, the spiritual world and the dream world.
  • Feeling that something is wrong but can't pinpoint it.
  • Feeling loneliness, sadness, emptiness, isolation.
  • Feeling that life has become stuck.
  • Not feeling energies anymore or only partially feeling them when having healing sessions.
  • That it seems harder to concentrate, having headaches.
  • Experiencing decreased perception.
  • Emotional life is cold.
  • Experiencing distance and lack of social connection.
  • Feeling lost.
  • No interest in own life planning.
  • Less or no joy for life.
  • Being less grounded.
  • Feeling depressed especially children.

What can I expect during the transformation?

We will first check how much your energetic system is deactivated. The Light will then flow for about 10 days and the unfolding process takes around 4 - 6 months. It involves reconnection of the earth links, re-aligning the spiritual channel, reactivating the chakra system, energetic bodies and removing any unwanted nanotechnology residue that may have been left in the body. Guidance will be given on which essences to take in order to support the transformation. Additionally, we will give you recommendations on doing a detox on the physical level. 


After the transformation period, your spiritual channel and grounding will have been restored and you will once again have access to your 'true' spiritual guidance. This also gives the opportunity to key into 5D and above consciousness, subject to your previous development.


This transformation is also recommended for children.


Transformation: 4 - 6 months