From Disunity to UNITY

Connection to the Golden Matrix

There is a Divine Golden Matrix that surrounds the earth which is about unity consciousness. Humanity is a unity consciousness species but because of the control system that has been operating on this planet for thousands of years we have been disconnected and separated on that level. Humanity has been living in a disunity reality for a very long time.


As humanity and the earth are on the path of ascension we now have the opportunity to reconnect to the Golden Matrix of this planet again. The earth wants to reconnect with her inhabitants and is calling people 'home'. It wants to join people together on an individual level but also to become part of the whole. This transformation will raise feelings of connectedness, trust, community, harmony, unity and support. Your breath will connect with the heartbeat and breath of the earth.


What can you expect during the session? 

This session will create a golden grid in your energy field and you will then get connected to the Golden Matrix of the earth. This transformation is one of power, unity and consciousness which deepens your connection to the earth. When connected to the Golden Matrix this will give you an additional layer of protection and will bring your life more into the flow and harmony.


Who can do this transformation?

This transformation is very good for everyone, also for children especially who have not been in the reincarnation wheel and for vulnerable people too as it gives them a sense of protection and support.


People who want to raise their consciousness, their own vibration and that of the earth would very much benefit from this session. There will also be a synchronisation on a spiritual level between you and others who have been connected to unity consciousness, bringing a sense of spiritual community. 

Golden Matrix

Transformation: 2 months


Energy exchange:


  • Available

Golden Light Essence

The Golden Light Essence is a calming essence to take following having emerged from a hard time e.g. any struggle in life, separation from a partner, divorce, big life changes, battle within the country or globally. This essence makes you very relaxed, gives you a sense of relief and safety again. The Golden Light is like sunshine and brightness similar to going on a internal tropical holiday. The essence gives you a bit of a break and a feeling of hope in the world again.


The Golden Light Essence goes well with the Golden Matrix session as it will support the process.


Transformation: 2 months

More information: Golden Light Essence