Karma Release Transformation

There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth:
not going all the way, and not starting.  (Buddha)

We come into this world with specific goals but many of us don’t live the life we came here for because of karmic connections that keep us stuck in repetitive patterning. We find that we are held in situations that we have been in before, in our love relationships, working environments and family relationships. These can feel really painful and we don’t understand how the same cycle keeps repeating.


Most of humanity suffers from personal karma, ancestral karma, karma from the area you live in, karma you took over from others and karma you received from tacit agreements. Humanity also suffers from deep negative programmes and conditioning, and mostly unconsciously. Issues can be passed down through the generations preventing us from moving forward in this life.


You may ask yourself how have I attracted the same situation to me again? I thought I had moved on from that! It is like the same relationship with a different person. Karmic soul contracts mean we often find ourselves in the same situations over and over again. For example we may find ourselves in romantic relationships that are with controlling people, emotionally unavailable people or uncommitted people. This feels so frustrating to us and we find ourselves blocked even when we try to change.


Not only do we find ourselves often in repetitive relationship patterns but we find those patterns in so many other areas of our lives e.g. with our finances despite our best efforts, we struggle to resolve ongoing financial issues, to hold on to our money and make it count. This can be the result of karmic contracts such as self-destruction programmes, poverty contracts, victimisation contracts etc. We may have similar patterns in our working relationships e.g. bullying colleagues or bosses. We might find ourselves unable to say no to people and stand up for ourselves which could indicate some form of sacrifice programme that we are unaware of. These situations affect our day to day lives.


Karma Release dissolves patterns that we have with certain people, institutions and life circumstances. It enables us to find freedom so that we do not repeat our restrictive patterns.


Karma Release will set you free, and it will accelerate your personal growth. Your vibrational frequency and energy level will rise tremendously.


Karma Release Transformation is part of the ascension of human consciousness which is a step by step process where you can feel the shifts in consciousness on a regular basis and the growing of Inner Knowing month by month and year by year. It is a time of transition and re-birthing.


Most people report experiencing profound changes in their thinking, how they feel about themselves and a deep sense of self-worth. They find that they are not drawn to the same situation and feel more choice in their lives. Let Diana help you cancel your karmic programmes so that you can reach your






It is now possible to let go and break free of all restrictions and limitations, including contracts, vows and agreements from previous life times and the following:

  • Self-destruction programmes
  • Addictions
  • Powerlessness
  • Obedience
  • Poverty
  • Negative beliefs
  • Adopted burden from others
  • Role of a the victim
  • Self-Punishment programme
  • Sacrifice programme
  • Any form of abuse
  • Trauma incl. birth trauma
  • Releasing of shame, blame and guilt
  • Transforming of lack consciousness
  • Removing the perception/deception filters which prevents you from seeing and perceiving the truth
  • Soul retrieval

The results are:

  • feeling more centered, balanced, grounded and within yourself
  • Building up self-esteem, confidence and self-acceptance
  • Activating self-healing and rejuvenation
  • Activating abundance
  • Activating additional DNA strands
  • Climbing up the evolutionary ladder

How does it work?

Initially we have a consultation to determine the issues that are personal and count to you. Following this Diana will provide you with a karma analysis and a time will be set to start the transformation process. You will be connected to the Light and the transformation begins to unfold. It is usually done via skype or telephone but can be face to face too. The transformation process unfolds over the next 3-5 months, with regular check-ins with Diana to look at your progress.


How will I notice what is happening?

Diana recommends that you keep a journal to monitor dreams, thoughts, thought patterns and feelings within yourself and your body, changes can be profound but subtle e.g. you may notice more mobility, a greater sense of inner freedom, different thinking and feeling about yourself, the ability to set boundaries, attracting new types of relationships, new doors opening. To keep a record helps you to see the changes that are taking place within you.


Sometimes during the process, people can temporarily experience anxiety or heaviness or you may become more aware of how certain patterns have not been working in your life seem highlighted or more prominent, however, as these transform those feelings dissipate and people report feeling more themselves, as if they have more choices, are more confident in themselves and more independent, better self-esteem, and a sense of lightness and freedom. Past patterns hook us in less and we feel less encumbered.


The Karma Release Transformation

Karma Release - 3 part programme


Transformation: 3 - 5 months each

Energy Exchange per Transformation

3 part programme


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