Healing the Inner Child

What is the meaning of INNER CHILD?

Each one of us has an “inner child” living inside and is a part of our subconscious. Our inner child is a part of ourselves that has been present ever since we were conceived throughout our childhood.


The inner child can recall good experiences as well as traumatic events. However, most of us have experienced negative events during childhood. You might choose behaviors and thoughts based on unconscious beliefs about yourself or memories from the past wounding you have experienced.  This transformation gives you the opportunity to start change some of this.  


Negative experiences are:

  • Any form of trauma
  • Physical, emotional, mental and sexual abuse
  • Not being protected
  • Not being heard, seen or understood
  • Isolation, emptiness and loneliness
  • Abandonment
  • Rejection
  • Rage and violence
  • Shame, blame and guilt messages
  • Manipulation, suppression and oppression
  • Neglect
  • Restrictions and limitations
  • Fears and sadness
  • Feeling betrayed
  • Parental addiction  
  • Highly critical or strict parents

Symptoms of Inner Child wounding

  • Feelings of shame, guilt and/or pain
  • Recognition or belonging through achievement and inner pressure
  • Chronic anxiety and fear
  • Inflexibility and perfectionism - cannot handle failure
  • Pessimistic attitude to life - nothing is good enough
  • Unhealthy relationship patterns and/or avoiding relationships and love
  • Self-sabotage and obsessive/addictive behaviors
  • Negative self-talk
  • Feelings of self-hatred, self-rejection, exaggerated self-criticism, negative self-image
  • Workaholism
  • Harshly judging yourself and others
  • Inability to accept compliments
  • High sensitivity to criticism
  • Narcissistic behavior
  • Social withdrawal and isolation
  • Experiencing perfectionism
  • Inability to stand up for oneself
  • Inability to be present in the moment 

Healing the Inner Child 

It is important that you heal traumatic experiences from childhood so that it has less control and influence on you in a negative and unconscious way during your life as an adult. This transformation will help you integrate the wounded parts of yourself so that you can function more from your adult than your wounded child within. 


When you heal your Inner Child you might feel more joy and hope in life, inner freedom, peace and love. You will feel more secure within yourself and in the outside world. You don’t need approval from others anymore. You will see life in a more positive and secure way. Your self-esteem, trust and self-trust, self-acceptance and self-love will grow.


What can you expect during the transformation? 

During the transformation we will release traumatic events from childhood, shocks, emotional pain and wounding, karmic soul contracts and connections, letting go of negative beliefs, role of victimhood and releasing negativity from your subconscious. Additionally, we will integrate soul parts that you have lost during negative experiences.  

Healing the Inner Child

Transformation: 3 months

Light will flow: 11 days



Energy exchange:


  • Available