Have you ever wondered why you do

not live a life of ABUNDANCE?

What is the meaning of Abundance?

The essential meaning of Abundance is “Free Flow of Energy” without any restrictions and limitations on all levels!


When you are truly in Abundance you live in balance with everything in your life, an unlimited possibility. Abundance is a way of living.


Lack, is the opposite of Abundance and the mentality of shortage or scarcity of good things in life. Lack comes from a fear perspective, where we feel there isn't enough or that we don't deserve it or what we truly want is not possible.


People often associate Abundance with wealth, money and possessions which is only one aspect of Abundance without any attachment to it but Abundance also manifests in many other ways e.g. Abundance of LOVE, friendships, opportunities, possibilities, energy, time, resources. Abundance also means not just Abundance of material things on this planet but also Inner abundance, generosity of spirit, reception to all positivity that awaits you.


When you release blockages, restrictions, lack and limitations in and around you, you can then access the field of Abundance that is around the earth and connected to your Solar Plexus Chakra.


Below I will give you a guideline on how to make the impossible possible and climb up the ladder of ABUNDANCE.


Energy Harvesting

Thousands of years ago our energetic make-up was altered and genetically engineered so that humanity can be controlled and suppressed. There is an universal law that says: the more we give the more we receive. This law does not really apply to us fully because of the manipulation in our energetic system in connection to abundance. When we give we will receive back only about 30 % and the rest of our energy is harvested by the matrix.

Now we have the chance to step out and live a life of ABUNDANCE.

This type of transformation consists of 3 separate sessions with an unfolding time of up to 8 weeks each.


Session 1 - Manipulation of the DNA

Our DNA has been altered in a way that we cannot live a life in abundance fully and especially not in balance with the universe. During this healing session the manipulation in our DNA will be transformed and all our energetic bodies will be re-aligned.


Session 2 - Transformation of limitation and restriction on mental levels

Thought patterns, blockages, false beliefs, programmes and conditionings, contracts and agreements, imbalance and patterns of unworthiness will be released that keeps us from living a life in abundance. This transformation will take place on mental levels and the associated chakras.


Session 3 - Reclaiming your stolen energy

The first two sessions are the preparation for the third session. We can now reclaim all our "stolen" energy from this life and all other incarnations. To live a life of abundance is our birth right!


Transformation: 2 months


Energy exchange, each transformation:


  • Available

Blocked Income Stream

There is an income stream connected to our solar plexus chakra. For most people this income stream is blocked due to KARMA. The karma release transformation is a 3-part programme with up to 15 months of transformation. After each transformation (3 - 5 months) I will check the income stream and let you know in percentage how much has been cleared. After you have finished the 3-part programme your income stream will be 100% clear for everyone.


It is now possible to let go and break free of all restrictions and limitations, including contracts, vows and agreements from previous life times and the following:

Family / Ancestral / Personal Patterning you took over by incarnating into your DNA lineage

  • Disconnecting from family / ancestral patterns
  • Disconnection from any type of crests
  • Releasing limitations, restrictions
  • Self-destruction
  • Poverty, suffering
  • Rejection, failure
  • Suppression, oppression, aggression
  • Subordination
  • Self-doubt, fear, mistrust
  • Dependency
  • Standstill in self-development
  • Transforming of lack consciousness

Releasing Programmes / Programmings that originated in past lives

  • Self-Punishment programme
  • Sacrifice programme
  • Manipulation, control, domination
  • Role of a victim
  • Rage, anger, betrayal, revenge, hatred, frustration, distortion
  • Powerlessness, obedience
  • Shame, blame, guilt
  • Any form of abuse
  • Vows, curse, spells
  • Negative beliefs

The results are building up self-esteem, confidence and self-acceptance, activating ABUNDANCE and additional DNA strands, feeling more centered, balanced, grounded and within yourself.


Transformation: 3 - 5 months each transformation

More information: Karma Release Transformation

Deleting Your Debt Account

Over many life times going around in the wheel of reincarnation people were building up karmic debt that could not be repaid. Every soul has an ‘account’ (a separate energetic space) where all your deeds are saved.


Having karmic debts are another aspect and reason why you are not able to live a life of Abundance. You can only delete the debt account after you have done the 3-part Karma Release Transformation as this energetic account is liked to all the debt you have created over many life times.


During this transformation the debt account will be deleted and an abundance account will be created. It is a bit like a reset and a new beginning.


Transformation: 2 - 3 months

More information: karmic debt

Fears in the Well of Fears

What is the Well of Fears?

The Well of Fears is the covering over your Divine Spark, a bit like a veil, preventing access to your true essence which is held in the heart chakra. The Well of Fears holds all unresolved fears from all life times you have ever had. This covering obstructs your true nature, who you really are.


Those fears are not the day to day fears e.g. fear of spiders. The type of fears that are in the Well of Fears amongst others that can block your abundance are e.g.

  • Fear of Deep Change
  • Fear of Being Me
  • Fear of Not Being Good Enough
  • Fear of Standing In My Own Power
  • Fear of Trusting
  • Fear of Success
  • Fear of Trusting my own Judgment
  • Fear of My own Ability
  • Fear of Moving Forward
  • Fear of Feeling Unworthy
  • Lack of Self Worth
  • Lack of Inner Strength
  • Lack of Self Belief
  • Lack of Vision and Perception
  • Inability to Let Go and Surrender to Inner Guidance
  • Self Denial

How does it work?

With the Well of Fear Analysis I will identify the group of fears that hold you back on your next step of your evolutionary path. We then activate the Light which will flow into your Well of Fears for about a month and target the most prominent ones which are located on the top of the well. The transformation will be 4 - 6 months until the process is completely finished.


The TRUTH will be revealed to you in a step by step process, you become more aware of who you are and why you are here. You will eventually find out your true purpose and you can step into your power and potential and climb up the ladder of ABUNDANCE.


Transformation: 4 - 6 months

More Information: Well of Fears

Survival & Existential Fears

When you come into this world the first people you meet are usually your mum and dad. The main basic fears they both have will be passed on to you and those fears become your foundation for life. Out of those fears you develop certain patterns and behaviour and your whole life will be built upon it. Those type of fears are not your own fears but fears that you have taken over from your parents and they from their parents. They are anchored on a very deep level in your energetic system.


Those fears generate dysfunctional patterns which are intergenerationally passed down from your parents to you, you to your children and so on. The type of fears amongst others can be:


Survival Fears
Existential Fears
Fear of the Future
Fear of Trust
Fear of Truth
Fear of Perception
Fear of Death


The Light will then flow into your system for 1 month dissolving all identified fears and anchors. The transformation will take between 4 - 6 months until the process will be finished. You may experience great shifts in consciousness and deeper inner freedom.


After the transformation you will then be able to attract more ABUNDANCE into your life.


Transformation: 4 - 6 months

More Information: Parental Fears

Essence Abundance

The Essence firstly works on removing internal blockages to being able to receive Abundance and then secondly, it enables us to be open to receiving on all levels, as we then believe that we are worth it. As we start to believe and behave like we deserve Abundance the Universe aligns us to that believe energy and reflecting it back to us, the more we receive.


On the energetic level the Essence works mainly on the Solar Plexus Chakra and on the DNA level. This chakra also governs our sense of identity and self-confidence, self-worth, self-esteem and inner leadership.


Transformation: 2 months

For more information: Abundance Essence

Space Clearing & Feng Shui

Space Clearing Session

Dense energy is a form of energy that vibrates on lower frequencies. It can be attached or imprinted into walls, furniture, objects etc. It can influence and affect the health and well-being of the people who live in a place that is not cleared and it can block ABUNDANCE.


The Light can flow for up to 12 hours and more depending on the density of the energies being released.


Tips and tools will be given so that the energy in a home can be maintained. You will also receive instructions for a ritual you can do afterwards to attract positive energies into your life e.g. abundance, creativity, tranquility, relaxation, peace, harmony, love, relationships on a higher level etc.


For more information on the Space Clearing Session please click here.


Clear your Clutter with Feng Shui

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