Emergency Healing

Light Energy Healing Session

Here you can request a Light Energy healing session and you will receive the Light straight away without any consultation.


When requesting a session in this way the Light will flow immediately, usually for 1 hour or as long as it is needed for your particular issue. Just focus on any blockage you would like to resolve and the Light will address those particular areas in your energy field.

Examples of energetic blockages

  • Blockages in the energy field
  • Lack of confidence
  • Not feeling protected
  • Feeling unbalanced
  • Dark night of a soul
  • Not grounded enough
  • Feeling down emotionally
  • Not moving forward in life

Benefits can be

  • Uplifting, clearing, balancing, strengthening, calming, relaxing
  • Feeling more secure, having more trust and confidence
  • Courage to face an emergency or crisis
  • Mental and emotional strength
  • Psychic protection
  • Clarity, focus

If you are not sure about this type of healing please book a consultation.


How can I request the Light immediately?

To book a Light Energy healing session you click on the paypal button below. The energy exchange for this session will be £50. Once payment has been received, work on getting the Light flowing into you energetic system will commence immediately. If possible, you lie down or sit comfortably where you don't get disturbed. You can then focus on the blockages / issue you want to release and the Light will dissolve it.


The more intense you work with the Light
the quicker and deeper the Light works with you.