Stepping out of the MATRIX

Declare your Sovereignty and recall your Free Will

to break through the Illusionary World you live in!


Most of humanity has been captured on Earth for thousands of years. We live in a 100% free will Universe but due to the control structure that operates on this planet we don't really have free will. Our lives have been planned before we incarnated. We are trapped in materialism, consumerism and in the cycle of death and re-birth. As soon as we understand the nature of reality it will set us free from the system, the program and the perception deception.


You shall know the Truth,

 and the Truth will set you free!


Now is the time where we declare our sovereignty and step out of the manipulation and illusion into Freedom. We are infinite consciousness and infinite awareness. It is time that we realise it and become infinite. Let's become who we already are in the depth of our being.


Stepping out of the system can be very difficult but I can offer you a process that liberates you from within and you can move around freely within the system. It also frees you on many other levels so that you are not trapped anymore. If you manage to free yourself from the Matrix, the Wheel of Reincarnation and decide to have children, it is possible to attract higher frequency souls that will bypass the matrix, the reincarnational grid and are born without any karma. They will naturally incarnate as opposed to reincarnate.


Once you free yourself from within you can create your own sacred reality through heart space that is no longer sharing the rules of the Matrix that have been impressed on you from birth, pre-birth and other life times. 


I would like to offer you a process that is very liberating which I have been through myself over a number of years.


All Sessions on this page are all interlinked. That's why they are listed here.

There are 3 components that keep you trapped in the MATRIX

Karma Release Transformation

What is Karma?

Karma is our unfinished business carried over from life time to life time that we had as our teaching that we didn’t get complete until we had fulfilled whatever we believed we needed to fulfil. However, to fulfil our Karma is a never ending story and we are trapped into the cycle of rebirth and death.


We come into this world with specific goals and themes but many of us don’t live the life they came here for because of karmic connections that leads us to different pathways we are not meant to go.


The Karma Release Transformation is a 3 part programme, each transformation lasting 3–5 months.


More information: KARMA RELEASE

Disconnecting from the Archon Grid

None are more hopelessly enslaved

than those who falsely believe they are free

(Johann Wolfgang van Goethe)

Leaving the matrix consists of 3 separate healing sessions with an unfolding time of up to 8 weeks each, as follows:


Session 1 - Transformation of false information in genes

During this session all manipulation information in genes will be released and transformed. Additionally, our genes get mutated through mass toxicity in food, drink, water supply, air pollution, radiation etc. This toxicity is distorted wave form information and hence manipulate and distort our energetic make-up and especially the genes. It keeps us from perceiving higher dimensions and disconnects us from the infinite reality.


Session 2 - Transformation of false information on mental level and pineal gland

All manipulation information on mental level and especially the pineal gland which allows us to perceive beyond the five senses, will be transformed. Your energetic system will be adjusted accordingly. You may experience expansion of consciousness, clarity, more focus, being able to see a bigger picture. All programming will be transformed which keeps us in a false reality.


Session 3 - Disconnection from the Archon Grid (matrix shell)

Every time when we incarnate on Earth we get a cloak around us which is connected to the Archon Grid. This cloak with all attachments will be released during the healing session. Docking stations, anchors, hooks, manipulation and perception filters will be transformed in chakras and energetic bodies. Afterwards a complete clearing, sealing and protection will take place. After the healing you may feel an inner freedom, clarity and more focus.

Disconnecting from the Archon Grid

Transformation: 2 months


Energy exchange, each transformation:


  • Available

Disconnecting from the Wheel of


The incarnation on Earth is supposed to be a natural process. Through interference from outside forces a re-incarnational grid was introduced which is separate from the incarnational grid where souls incarnate again and again for thousands of years. The re-incarnational grid is also called the Archon grid that contains all soul contracts and is linked with the so called supercomputer that plans all our lives beforehand and keeps us in the re-incarnational system. The purpose of these lives is to learn the lessons enforced by one's actions through the law of karma until the soul has reached a stage of enlightenment with no karmic debt.


Leaving the re-incarnational system consists of 3 separate healing sessions with an unfolding time of up to 8 weeks each, as follows:


Session 1 - Disconnection from the Wheel of Reincarnation

During this healing session you will be disconnected from the manipulative grid and negative attachments will be released. This process will make it easier when clearing your own karma and stepping out of the wheel.


Session 2 - Transformation of the artificial personality

At birth the control system creates an artificial personality of you called the "straw man" that is connected to the re-incarnation system. It starts with a birth certificate and ends with a death certificate. Throughout our life time we sign contracts and agreements, apply for passports, IDs, credit cards etc. It controls and influences you in a negative way. During this session all manipulation information in DNA, brain and spinal cord will be transformed as well as in chakras and energetic bodies.


Session 3 - Releasing negative programming from all religions

Every religion on earth has been hijacked and hence have been the greatest form of mass control for thousands of years. This kept us bound to the re-incarnational cycle. During this session all manipulation, programming and false beliefs from all religions throughout all incarnations will be released.

Disconnecting from the Wheel of Re-incarnation

Transformation: 2 months


Energy exchange, each transformation:


  • Available