Welcome to the World beyond Healing

The World of Evolution of Human Consciousness

From Unreality to Reality

From Darkness to Light

From Death to Immortality

May there be peace peace peace


This saying means in short empowering the evolution of human consciousness and moving towards unity, journeying into a fully realised state towards perfection, out of the illusion into reality and light overcoming death.


If you have the urge within you of leaving everything behind and moving into Unity consciousness you have come to the right place.


Beginning this journey of spiritual evolution you have to learn to consistently raise your vibration, finding the courage to step out of the collective consciousness. Start taking responsibility and begin thinking and acting for yourself.


The ascension of human consciousness is a step by step process where you can feel the shifts in consciousness on a regular basis and the growing of Inner Knowing month by month and year by year. It is a process of transition and re-birthing. Each transformation gives birth to new ideas and perceptions unlocking great gifts and talents from within yourself. As your vibration raises, your perception changes and you will start seeing through the illusion of your present reality more and more.


What is the difference between "energy and light" and "subtle energy fields and consciousness"?

Even though we refer to different energies as light energy, when we look at the quality, we see that there is a significant difference. When working with healing energies, for example crystal healing the energy will be channeled. When working with light it will be manifested immediately. Light frequencies are evolutionary in their nature and carry consciousness. When working with "Evolutionary Light" you climb up the evolutionary ladder and from within you will keep becoming a noticeably different person over a period of time. To touch into consciousness, we will need to go beyond subtle energy fields into the structures that hold these fields.


I was guided for a few years by David Ashworth, author of the book “Keys of Transformation”. The Wheel of Light and the Emerald Heart are frequencies of very high spiritual Light and were seeded into earth through David by his spiritual guidance. These very advanced spiritual concepts have never existed before in history of humanity. The process took about 10 years to be fully anchored into earth hence he laid the foundation for more Light frequencies to come.


I started working with different "light frequencies" in 2012. Dave very kindly gave me the permission to use my own Light Frequency for dissolving fears and unlocking human consciousness with the powerful tool called the Light Program which he developed.


Over the years working with evolutionary light, through spiritual guidance, both my sister and I were given another Light Program for bringing the evolution of human consciousness forward. We have called this program Karma Release Transformation. It seems that there is an “inner” and an “outer” transformation that takes place when using the Light Programs. They both work from within the individual person but on different levels.


You will find all the information about the outer transformation program on the webpage Karma Release. The inner transformation program you will find under the Unity Consciousness page. Each of those types of transformation last for 3 – 5 and 4 - 6 months.


Additionally, we were given a series of tools for transformation that can assist you to step out of the MATRIX and move back to UNITY. You can find them under the webpage Matrix. Each of those transformations last for about 2 months.


Learn how to let go of your present reality which is an illusion.

Begin to work with evolutionary techniques and peel off layer by layer until you reach the


You will eventually stand in your own Power radiating Light.

Self-discovery is a consistent pathway of evolution.