Elite Shungite

Shungite is a two billion year old algae that lived in oceans and stored the energy of sunlight. Shungite can only be found in a single area: in the village of Schunga, in Karelia, Russia.


Like diamonds, Shungite consists of carbon, the basic building block of all life. Shungite is an exclusive mineral for protection against radiation / electrosmog. It effectively disinfects and restructures water. Shungite water contributes to the overall rejuvenation of the body. In crystal healing Shungite works on all levels.

Elite Shungite Aura Spray

Elite Shungite Aura Spray cleanses your energy field, it grounds you, it protects you strongly from negative outside influences. It protects you especially from electromagnetic radiation / electrosmog as it creates a golden shield around you. It helps people with electro sensitivity greatly. This protection will be solid for at least 12 hours so, the aura spray is for daily use.


You can spray yourself before you are going to an event, having a stressful car journey or anything big because it helps you believe that you can deal or cope with the situations that are coming and it gives you a sense of safety.


You can also spray it before you go to sleep so that you are protected from radiation coming from the neighbourhood or phone masts in your area so that you can have a restful night.


The Aura Spray can also be used to cleanse the energies in rooms and for protection when travelling and staying at hotels.


When you are feeling spacey Elite Shungite will take you back straight away into your body and back into reality as it will ground you immediately.


When you are processing things and you feel energetically dirty or polluted it gives you a sense of cleanliness. It encourages you to breathe deeply. If you need a bit of parenting it helps the adult in you to parent yourself and you feel more able to rely on yourself.


The Elite Shungite enables you to see situations as they are rather than with fear you may have generated. It will give you the ability to be able to solve your problems yourself and you don’t look for somebody to do it for you. It helps you to feel like you can resource yourself and you can cope. It guides you with what you might need to do to bring yourself back into alignment in a very gentle way.


With this essence there is a sense of being able to make plans for things that sustain, nurture and protect you. Feelings of overwhelm can be soothed because it feels as if you can cope with things. This essence naturally brings you into alignment with your own intuition that your body may have been trying to tell. For example, sacrificing yourself or not meeting your needs may have been a default setting. This essence brings you back into alignment giving yourself the permission to be able to put your needs first.


It is slightly transformative in a sense that it gives you the permission regardless of whatever your patterning, that you are able to meet your needs without looking for others to rescue you.


It is very good for people who are going through relationship breakups because it would ease some of that heart break as it has a heart component to it.


The main characteristic about this essence is that it enables you to believe that you can cope. It brings you back into connection with your strength and your power but very much about how you might meet your own needs. It brings you back into touch with your natural resonance and it allows you to develop your power in a very subtle way.


Energy: heart centered which is calming, deep cleansing, grounding, protecting, healing, balancing


Keywords: it helps to find your adult, being in control, being able to cope, relief, safety, being held, sense of tranquillity in a grounded reality, shifts chakras back into alignment, helps with anxiety.

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Elite Shungite Aura Spray, 50ml

£19 plus P&P


Elite Shungite Aura Spray, 100ml

£35 plus P&P


Elite Shungite Concentrate with Pipette, 30ml

infused with LIGHT

£17 plus P&P


Elite Shungite Aura Spray, 50ml

Infused with LIGHT

£28 plus P&P


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Ingredients: Glastonbury spring water, Elite Shungite concentrate