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Space Clearing

Subtle energy medicine is a holistic therapy where the focus lies on the whole of the individual rather than on physical symptoms only. The aim of this therapy is to restore wholeness, balance and health on the emotional, mental and spiritual level which will ultimately affect the physical body.


The practitioner is a facilitator of energies for the client. When the life force energy in the energetic system is once again flowing freely, healing takes place. It will also help to activate and support the natural self-healing process. The condition of our physical body is but the expression of our emotional, mental and spiritual states of being.


Subtle energy therapy is a very effective method of cleansing the auric field, releasing suppressed traumas, old patterns, emotional and mental blockages, stress and tensions.

Some of the benefits are deep relaxation, restoring peace, harmony and well-being on a higher level.

When we understand why we have attracted our personal circumstances and life lessons, we can then take complete responsibility for ourselves and create our lives in the way we choose. It is then no longer necessary to play the role of a victim.

The power to change, heal, and to understand the hidden lessons in life, the ability to forgive and love one's self, to let go of things which do not serve anymore and make conscious decisions and above all to exercise compassion can lead to more happiness and fulfilment and can certainly improve the quality of life.

During a healing session certain tools will be used e.g. crystals, Bach Flower remedies, fresh flowers and sound according to the needs of the person. A healing can be very nurturing, uplifting, grounding, you may have a feeling of protection or you may experience focus and more clarity. More information about different therapies please visit the webpages Crystal Therapy, Bach Flower Healing, Fresh Flower Healing, De-Stress Program.

Crystal Therapy

Crystals enhance the overall energy healing experience by radiating unique vibrational signatures resonating to and with specific energy frequencies. Each vibrational frequency or energy signature assists in releasing blockages, negative energy, promoting healing from within re-aligning body, mind, emotions and soul.

Because of particular properties and inner sacred geometry of crystals, they can absorb, reflect, transform, transmute, balance, direct, amplify, soften, clear, shape and focus energies.

During a crystal healing session you will experience a deep relaxation, a sense of inner peace and healing on a higher level.

Bach Flower Healing

Bach Flower healing is a natural method of healing through the use of certain wild flowers. The remedies which treat the personality disorders of a person were discovered in the 1930s by Dr Edward Bach, Harley Street, London.

Each specific remedy can help overcome certain negative conditions.

During a Bach Flower healing session the focus will be more on working with the energies of the remedies rather than the physical intake of drops.

The remedies can relate to the chakra system. Some relate stronger to specific chakras then others. They can help clear blockages that are situated in the chakras or elsewhere in the subtle energy field.

The remedies can be used in combination with crystals, fresh flowers and sound depending on the need of the person.


Fresh Flower Healing

During this type of healing fresh flowers and plants will be used in the auric field, chakras and gridlines. The energy of flowers is very potent. Plants are used more for grounding and the flowers are very healing especially for the emotional and mental bodies. They also can be used for clearing, uplifting, balancing and enhancing the overall health and well-being of the person.


Flower healings work very well in combination with crystals.

De-Stress Programme

Most stress originates in the mind followed by an emotional reaction. Some symptoms of stress are a feeling of tenseness or tightness in the body e.g. shoulders, neck, head, back and jaw (grinding of teeth). Usually when stress builds up, physical symptoms appear and if not addressed it can result in irritation, anger, nervousness, anxiousness, panic attacks and sleep disturbances.


There are certain healing techniques that can help address and release stress. A full stress healing program consists of four sessions in combination with crystal and / or energy healing. This program includes self-help techniques.

Space Clearing

Dense energy is a form of energy that vibrates on lower frequencies. It can be attached or imprinted into walls, furniture, objects etc. It can influence and affect the health and well-being of the people who live in a place that is not cleared.


During a space clearing session dense energy will be cleared from rooms, apartments or houses and your home will then vibrate on a higher level. Tips and tools will be given so that the energy in a home can be maintained.


Please book an appointment using the contact form. During a consultation over the telephone or skype your requirements and needs will be discussed. You can either request a healing session immediately afterwards or at a different agreed time. 


Usually, a session will last about an hour. When a personal condition has many layers or is severe, it may be necessary to have several sessions in order to integrate the healing and the changes over a period of time.