Return yourself to Unity Consciousness

Evolution of Consciousness

Do you know WHO you are? Do you know WHY you are here? Do you want to discover the pathway to your true purpose?


We are now entering the Age of Truth, Love, Knowledge and Freedom. Many people call it the End Time or Ascension Period as we enter the Age of Aquarius. The End Time means the end of our karmic depths and moving into sovereignty. 


Our mission is to return to Unity. The Divine consciousness resides at the core of the human heart chakra. To become one with the Divine within will take us back to Unity consciousness and also Unity as a race.


We are all drawn to different pathways. In 2007 I was drawn to Evolutionary Light. As I have been walking the path of Light since then, I went through a process of illumination and transformation. Part of my personality was dissolving and I became a different inner ME every year which has been very liberating for me. It also opened doors for me I could never imagine.


Are you constantly changing and evolving? Or are you stuck in life? 

You now have the possibility to take the next step on the path of evolution. When requesting the Light it will begin an evolutionary process with you - the illumination of your inner being. Fear is what prevents you from changing or moving forward in life. Once the darkness is dissolved, the path is clear and you can move into the right direction. When you really decide to change your life, for most people it is not an easy process as it has to pull you out of the old structures that no longer serve you before it can create the new life.


Only your own limitation and restrictions can hold you back to step into your full Power and Potential.


Learn how to let go of your present reality

Taking responsibility of yourself

Letting go of anything and everything that you are

Finding the courage to step out of the collective consciousness

Experiencing major shifts in consciousness

Your vibration raises and your perception changes

Continually unfolding your potential

Begin to climb the spiritual ladder into higher truth

Allow the Light to emerge within you

Obtaining higher knowledge and wisdom

Moving into 5th dimensional reality and beyond

Discover the Real Self

Becoming ONE with the Divine consciousness within yourself

Return to Unity consciousness


Are you ready for true Evolution?

Are you ready to step into the Light?

Light Program

Transformation: 4 - 6 months

Energy Exchange: £190