Your Origin Soul Planet

Your Soul Family

Have you ever felt like you want to go home but you don’t know where home is? Have you ever wondered where you come from, where you belong to on a deeper level or if there is something called a 'soul family'?


Quite often this will manifest as feelings of not belonging, feelings of being lost or a deep yearning to ‘go home’ even though that seems a bit strange because we don’t know where else we could go - yet, still we don’t’ feel quite right here or that something is missing.


As we have had so many incarnations on Earth and subsequently many negative experiences e.g. traumas, shocks etc. we have lost that deep inner connection to where we originally come from. You may believe that you are from Earth but often that is not the case, as we are frequently from a variety of different planets, galaxies and universes.The connection to our origin soul planet and soul family has been damaged, distorted or even lost.


Now, for the first time, a Light Energy healing session can offer you a deep healing on a soul level. Blockages will be released and a re-connection to your soul planet and soul family will be made so, that you can have a natural sense of 'home' within you and a pathway of connection is initiated between you and your home planet.


This session may be particularly helpful for healers and energy workers who may wish to utilise advice and guidance from their soul planet. The communication is then opened up for you to receive guidance both on your own journey and the journey of others as we partake in this ascension process.


Regardless of your level of experience this transformation will give you a very deep sense of re-connection and settlement within which can ease your passage of experience on the earth plane in this life time because your true roots will be re-connected, therefore, giving you a strong foundation.


Transformation: 2 months

Energy exchange: £80

Intergalactic Soul Shard Retrieval and Integration

Whenever we experience a form of trauma a part of our soul leaves the body in order to survive the experience. It is a self-protect mechanism so that we do not feel the full impact of the pain.


There are many symptoms of a soul loss e.g. not feeling fully in the body and alive, not feeling complete or not fully engaged in life.


In this type of healing session lost soul aspects of ourselves from incarnations we had BEFORE we immigrated to earth will be called back, cleared, healed and integrated within us. Through this process several DNA strands will be activated. The healing and integration can take up to 6 months or more until the process is complete.

Please note: you can do this type of session after you have done "soul retrieval" which is included in the Karma Release Transformation. Those soul parts were lost during Earth incarnations. Once you have integrated those you can go ahead and integrate intergalactic soul shards.


Transformation: 4 - 6 months

Energy exchange: £100

Reunion of Your Soul Family

The vast majority of people do not have a complete soul family interaction in this life time. Many soul families have been divided through the control system and re-incarnation process we live in. Therefore, we incarnate into different soul families which are not ours. Part of our goal in our life time is to re-connect to soul family members and become more powerful as a whole.

In this session all members who belong to your soul family will be connected again. The reunion will take place between souls not only on Earth realm also on other Galaxies and Universes. Most souls are spread out and some are lost through different galaxies and solar systems. Others are even trapped between worlds. This process can take up to 6 months to be completed.


Transformation: 6 months

Energy exchange: £90

Essence Reconnection

Do you ever feel like you are lost in life or don’t know where you are going? Do you wonder about the purpose of life?


The Reconnection Essence will reconnect you back to yourself and your Higher Soul. You will be more connected to yourself on a deeper level, finding out who you are and where you belong.


Transformation: 2 months

For more information: Reconnection Essence