Evolutionary Essences

These Essences are High Vibrational Evolutionary Essences. They have been given to me by my spiritual guidance for the evolution of human consciousness. Traditional Vibrational Essences are once such as Bach Flower remedies, Bush Flower remedies, Crystal essences etc and these work mainly in the energetic system. However, Evolutionary Essences work on the level of consciousness, karma and specifically in the Well of Fears. The core of your fear is located there. This means that these evolutionary essences work for more permanent change as they work on such a deep level.


Although Vibrational Evolutionary Essences and Traditional Vibrational Essences work on different levels, they can work well together as the Traditional Essences can sooth some of the feelings that Evolutionary Essences bring up as we work through the issues in our psyche.


When can you take the essence?

When taking the essence daily, it will last you for about a month and you will go through a 2 month transformation. You can take the remedy either in combination with a Light Programme, Karma Release Transformation, when Stepping out of the Matrix or in certain life circumstances. This can heighten the effects of the transformation and peel off layers more quickly.


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Inner and Outer FREEDOM

This essence frees you from inner ties in your energetic system and cords and wrappings around the heart. The Freedom Essence also eases communication and allows you to speak your truth without fear of recrimination or offending anybody but still saying what you think, feel and mean. This remedy allows you to be yourself and it enables you to find your authenticity without fear of judgment. It gives a very deep acceptance of oneself.

When taking the Freedom Essence it allows you to appraise your past and see the truth of what has been. It helps you to see things as they really are as supposed to what the mental construct has been.


It is a bit like drinking mother’s milk. This Freedom Essence makes you feel loved like a baby by the universe as it speaks to your heart. You can feel loved for who you really are which can be like a balm to the spirit.


This Freedom Essence should be taken carefully as there is only so much freedom that you would be able to take at any one time. The essence has a fast vibration as it starts working straight away. Layers will fall off you about 100 miles / hour and it will help you accessing your power.


This essence is also extremely helpful when ending processes e.g. RELATIONSHIPS, Ending a long term work environment, Breaking free from a current situations such as ADDICTIONS or Life style changes.




Vibration: Fast

Keynote: Initiation

Location: channelled @ Quantock Hills, Somerset, England


This essence will help you to release veils on mental and consciousness level. A connection from the mental level to the heart will be created to be able to see and perceive the pure truth and then live it. This process goes in stages. When the consciousness and the heart are ready then you start to see the truth. The essence will make the preparation for this and take you there.

Our core woundings and fears make it very difficult to perceive the truth as it can be too painful. The purer the heart, is the more you can allow to open up and see the truth, or what makes you free and see things from your truth, not from your wounding.


This essence faces you with yourself. Your heart is pure and it can help you to see the goodness about yourself but it can also make you see things about yourself you really don’t want to see. The essence also makes you more responsible, helping you access your inner masculine and the right use of power.


The Truth Essence focuses you to only speak about what is important. It also can bring up resistance to what is the truth. It can take time to be willing to see the truth.


The Truth Essence also frees your vision and sharpens it so that you can perceive the truth about yourself and situations. It allows you to see what has been without the same attachments that you have had in the past. At times the Truth Essence can bring up grief about what has been as you separate yourself from the past and this brings an acceptance and healing of the past.


If you have experienced significant injustice in your life the Truth Essence will help you to see the situation with clarity and it will free you as you see it more from a macro perspective, and feel less victimised.


The Truth Essence creates a still place within. The vibration is slow and has a cumulative and a build-up effect on you. This is to enable you to process your truth by degrees to integrate it into yourself.


When can you take the essence?

You can take the essence in combination with a Light Programme releasing Fears or when Stepping out of the Matrix.


You can also use the Truth Essence for public speaking, and this can also be very helpful with developing personal authority, how you deal with authority figures in your life and what relationships generally you have with authority.




Vibration: Slow

Keynote: Completion

Location: channelled @ Glastonbury Tor, Somerset, England


This essence works very deeply in the heart chakra and also in the solar plexus, throat chakra and the emotional body. It helps us really connect in a very deep way to our own sense of power and self-validation.


Initially when taking The Self-Belief Essence everything that is not self-belief may come up to the surface to be released e.g. trauma, 

emotional wounds, hate, anger, rage, grief, coldness, loss, doubts, fear, heart pain, a fight-or-flight response.


This essence also creates a connection between the heart and the gut and can be very useful for people who have lost that connection between what the heart says and what the stomach says, so instead of going into e.g. emotional eating it can tap you into a sense of what you really need instead. The Self-Belief Essence brings up a sense of acknowledgment about what has been. You can be faced with your history, coping mechanism and the reality of what is and the truth what has been. You become aware of how you have been loved, how you feel and what you think about yourself. This essence will show you what you believe your worth and value is and the grief you may have experienced at not having your worth and your value met. It is like a reality check, a validation of yes this has happened in my life and it doesn’t deny the truth.


This essence is very deep and quite primal. At times it can bring up your emotional pain but there is some relief in the truth being revealed to you because it helps you tell your story and validates you. This essence helps you to look at your connection to yourself, your connection to others, how other people have loved you and how you love yourself and ways that you may have tried to love yourself perhaps unsuccessfully e.g. coping mechanisms such as addiction. The essence makes you see how disconnected you have been from your self-belief.


The Self-Belief Essence helps you to take responsibility. It illuminates internalised messages about your self-esteem. If you have a very damaged self-esteem it brings up projections from others, your internalised message of rejection, hopelessness and grief about how you have been treated. Once the truth of who you are is revealed to you the essence helps you to start repairing the damage that has occurred to your self-belief and helps you to integrate a more authentic and more self-loving concept of yourself.


With the continued taking of this essence it transforms everything that is not self-belief into a great inner freedom, healing and peace. When taking The Self-Belief Essence your inner picture about yourself will grow step by step to a more accurate and healthy belief about yourself which comes from a loving heart perspective. Although this essences can bring up deep layers and themes of unworthiness / self-rejection it transforms them into a significantly improved positive self-worth, self-confidence and self-assurance. It shows you the goodness of who you are.


This essence works slowly to peel back layers bit by bit but the end result is profound.


Keywords: truth and reality, acknowledgment of what has been, grief about what is, gradually working through internalised messages to get to the truth of your strength, ability and power as opposed to what you may have internalised from what other people may have said about you / to you.



Vibration: Slow

Location: channelled @ Cheddar Gorge, Somerset, England


Self-realisation is becoming conscious of yourself, to be aware of yourself, to realise who you are and what your truth is. It is about the fulfillment of your potential. The Self-Realisation Essence will take you deep within yourself in a step by step process. The essence works as an interplay between the heart and mental level.

The Self-Realisation Essence helps you to find your truth, it makes you take responsibility for yourself and it is very much about shaping the individual.


When taking The Self-Realisation Essence, immediately, it sharpens the focus, makes you really concentrate on the main picture, it also tells you what is important to look at and what is not.


The Self-Realisation Essence sees, knows and accepts your past. It gives you a level ground from which to start from. The Self-Realisation Essence helps you to see what the truth is about who you are, what needs to be done and what doesn’t need to be done, what you can let go off and what you need to re-focus on. It helps you to see what your part is in some of the behaviours that you may have caused to yourself. The Self-Realisation Essence also helps you realise who you are rather than who other people have said you are, and separates the truth of who you are from other’s projections.


The Self-Realisation Essence acts like a teacher. It helps you to know what is important in your life and helps you quite practically with your goals, focusing on what is ahead of you. It is about knowing who you are as an individual, knowing what your capabilities are, knowing what the goal is and knowing how to get there. The Self-Realisation Essence keeps you aligned to your path so that you can focus on what is important and not get distracted.


If you have a number of issues going on for you this essence naturally prioritises the most important. This is a good essence to take prior to a Light transmission as it will reveal your focus or uppermost priority.


The Self-Realisation Essence makes your goals more manageable and shows you how you get to the end result. In some ways it is a bit like a personal trainer as it gives you the tools, abilities and focus to concentrate on what is really necessary.


As layers come off, they get integrated with continued use. This essence helps get rid of doubts, fears, histories, behaviour patterns and helps you create a structure, keeping you moving forward until you get what you need in terms of your soul’s purpose and potential.



Energy: gentle

Vibration: medium

Location: channelled @ Cleeve Hill, Cotsworlds, Gloucestershire, England


Do you feel like you do not have enough? Do you feel as if your needs are never met? Are you afraid that you don't deserve good things in life or that they will ever happen for you? Do you feel like that you are always in lack? The Essence of Abundance can help you with this.

The Abundance Essence feels golden like an elixir. It will work with you wherever you start from. As many of us struggle to believe that we are worthy of receiving our heart's desires, this Essence works by initially releasing the density within us that blocks our receptivity to Abundance.


Abundance Essence works in a twofold manner. One of the most important factors is belief of your worth. Many of us feel disconnected from the Abundance of the Universe. Many of us have not experienced Abundance of Love, Respect or Joy often in our childhoods and these experiences often mean that we do not believe that we are worth having these or that Abundance is truly possible. The Essence firstly works on removing internal blockages to being able to receive Abundance and then secondly, it enables us to be open to receiving on all levels, as we then believe that we are worth it. As we start to believe and behave like we deserve Abundance the Universe aligns us to that believe energy and reflecting it back to us, the more we receive.


The Essence immediately gives you perspective, grounding you in practicality in your life, it is a big reality check. This Essence will show you about the responsibility to oneself, telling your body to remember who you are in this incarnation. It feels a bit like "coming home".


On the physical level the Abundance Essence works on joints, gut health, vitality, appetite, mobility and freedom of movement. If you are aching and sore, this Essence works on that level. The Essence can show you addictive behaviour patterns in your life e.g. where we may use external things such as alcohol, drugs, food, relationships etc. to fulfil a sense of inner lack. The Abundance Essence shows you where you feel lack and helps you replace unhelpful coping mechanisms with ones that support you instead.


On the energetic level the Essence works mainly on the Solar Plexus Chakra and on the DNA level. Organs that are connected to this chakra are stomach, gall bladder, spleen, liver as well as skin, muscular system and sense of sight. This chakra also governs our sense of identity and self-confidence, self-worth, self-esteem and inner leadership.


When can you take the Abundance Essence?

The Essence sorts out 'density' at quite a deep level and there are a lot of layers to this. The blocks to abundance are very karmic, very individual and can feel quite challenging and due to the density within, you may uncover many layers and aspects to release and notice levels in your progression each time you take it. The Essence works in a manner that is so individual, that it is really personal to you, and your blockages, so it will not work in the same way for one person as it does for another.


What is the difference between the 3-part Abundance sessions and the Abundance Essence?

During the Abundance sessions manipulations from outside interference and manipulation get released. The Abundance Essence works mainly within yourself.


Although you can take this Essence on its own, ideally to receive the optimum benefit in the concept of Abundance and what it can individually give you I would suggest initially doing the 3-part Abundance sessions first as these work on the external blockages to Abundance. Following this you can then take the Abundance Essence to work on the internal blockages to receiving.




Location: channelled @ Drei Gleichen, district of Gotha, Thuringia, Germany


The Celebration Essence is like 'respite in a bottle'. Unlike the other essences which transform in layers over a period of time and emotional growth, the Celebration Essence releases you from worries and reconnects you with your joy. The Essence is not about getting through the daily grind but gives you real hope and a sense of pleasure, fulfilment, productiveness, ability, support, higher purpose, potential, expansion and belief in yourself.

The Celebration Essence is very much about the spiritual plane and almost transcends the earth plane. It releases you in some way from what happens in daily life allowing yourself to be the best you can be. When taking the Essence, immediately you will feel a gladness to be alive and a relief as there is hope to come. This Essence holds deep healing in it and you may feel the sense of support to your spine and back.


The Celebration Essence lifts you and feels light, bright, sunny, hopeful and joyful. It feels very positive and optimistic, quintessentially, warm and lovely.


This Essence is not something you take all the time but you can take after a period of completion of a difficult piece of work, big projects or a series of transformations. It is a gratification for a work well done on your spiritual path. It is an easy Essence to take as it helps you to consolidate and be pleased with your achievements, your journey, your progress.


This Essence connects you with your authentic self and how you express yourself emotionally from your heart and your inner guidance. It finalises and unifies things in your energy field which is why it is best taken at the end of projects, completions in journeys or cycles. This Essence solidifies the work that you have done on yourself and it is best taken almost as a reward after transformations and transmutations of issues. 


First you have to be disciplined before you can 'celebrate'.


When can you take the essence?

It is recommended to take the Essence towards the end or in between each of the transformations, after finishing a big project, at the end of a period of work, after completing a cycle or resolution to difficulty. This Essence gives you a 'bit of a breather' and helps you to integrate all you have learnt, demonstrating your renewed connection to self, life and inner expansiveness.


Energy: high vibration, uplifting, light




Location: channelled @ Rüdigershagen, Sacred Site, Thuringia, Germany



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Location: channelled @ Brocken, Harz Mountains, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany



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Location: channelled @ forest Dün, Eichsfeld, Thuringia, Germany



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Location: channelled @ Lake 'Bergsee', Lower Saxony, Germany