Karma Komplettprogramm
Before embarking on the Karmic Release Transformation I was very much focused on wanting to be rid of old patterns in my life - issues around family such as negative programming,wanting to disconnect from karmic family lineages, and reincarnation.
The process took 12 months, during which I kept a journal monitoring progress. At times it felt 'heavy' - lots of past images coming up from this life, blocked feelings re poverty consciousness, anxiety, as well as at other times more positive feelings, such as 'lightness' in myself, and 'visibility' to others.
When the transformation was finished, after the 15th month completion process, I felt more grounded and more able to relate to others in a positive way. Recently, a couple of good friends, who have known me for some years, remarked, on separate occasions, that I seem like a different person.
I am so glad I started and finished this whole process, it has benefited me greatly.
Pam, Brighton, England

June 2019

Notfall Heilung

I have known about Diana´s possibility of Emergency Healing session for some time. At some point I nearly requested it but I was hesitating and in the end I was regretting I did not.So next time when I found myself again in a very energetically and psychically heavy situation I requested it. Afterwards, I felt very settled, secure in myself and whole situation really shifted. I also could perceive that it shifted through the shift of my own vibration. Absolutely can recommend it.

Lucie, Tschechien

Feb 2019

Energetische Hausreinigung

Thank you so very much Diana for the Space Clearing you did for my home it has had a truly transformational effect. The energy of the house is softer, clearer and lighter. The dynamics between the family have been noticeably effected and are more harmonious. This was particularly evident over the Christmas period when extended family visited, the dynamics were noticeably eased, less fractious and more harmonious. I have noticed a greater emotional freedom of expression within myself and family since the clearing. I have also experienced a considerable lessening in electro magnetic sensitivity symptoms following the clearing, these have been hugely debilitating and limiting for me. The environment of the home feels more supportive and healing.

Theia, England


Energetische Hausreinigung
"I asked Diana for  space clearing of my flat after some years living abroad. In the meantime different people were living there and before there were lots of negative things happening as well. Since I was back home I felt very tired, I was running around a lot and did not want to spend time at home. After the space clearing I could see a difference visualy and also feel it. My feeling was like everything was washed and purified in love and light. At that time also lots of other things shifted in my life and I am enjoying my home space and feel protected there."
Lucie, Tschechien
Juni 2018


I knew the beautiful work of Diana Jaritz at a time when I really needed changes in my life, since in many areas things seemed to have lost ground and be moving into an uncontrolled situation. I did not think twice before signing up for one of the free light-transmission sessions, which I had learned through an invitation e-mail from the University of Metaphysical Sciences.


Through Diana's very clear guidelines on how to proceed during the transmission, I have had experiences that have certified me about the effective action of the Light on me, experiences of a physical and emotional nature.


After the first session, I naturally started to take steps in life that gradually began to remove these blocks, steps that sometimes I did not even notice immediately, but that today I can see more clearly how much they were important for me to make me move to where I really wanted to be to have more health, peace and prosperity.


After the first session, I participated in several others and today I do not have enough words to thank Diana Jaritz for the crucial help she has given me through the literal sending of light to my life. Naturally and calmly, the blockades were dissolving and today, seeing everything much more clearly, I realize how important it was to have been able to rely on her and her knowledge to get back on track.


Being able to count on this kind of work has been a blessing and I feel really safe nowadays to meet someone who can help me whenever I need with extensive knowledge of Subtle Energy, including, as listed on her website, Karma Release, Manifestation, and Emergency Healing. Thank you very much, Diana!

Clebson, Salvador, Brasilien



Eu conheci o lindo trabalho da Diana Jaritz num momento em que realmente necessitava de mudanças na minha vida, já que em muitas áreas as coisas pareciam ter perdido o rumo e estar caminhando para uma situação de descontrole. Não pensei duas vezes antes de me inscrever para uma das sessões gratuitas de transmissão de luz, a qual havia tomado conhecimento através de e-mail-convite encaminhado pela Universidade de Ciências Metafísicas.


Através de orientações muito claras da Diana sobre como proceder durante a transmissão, tive experiências que me certificaram sobre a ação efetiva da Luz sobre mim, experiências estas de ordem física e emocional.


Depois da primeira sessão, de forma natural comecei a dar passos na vida que começaram a afastar gradativamente estes bloqueios, passos estes que por vezes eu nem me dei conta de imediato, mas que hoje consigo ver de forma mais clara o quanto foram importantes para me fazerem caminhar para onde eu realmente queria estar para ter mais tranquilidade, saúde, paz e prosperidade.


Após a primeira sessão, participei de algumas outras e hoje não tenho palavras suficientes para agradecer a Diana Jaritz pela ajuda crucial que me concedeu através do literal envio de luz para minha vida. De forma natural e tranquila, os bloqueios foram se dissolvendo e hoje, enxergando tudo de forma muito mais clara, percebo o quanto foi importante ter podido contar com ela e seu conhecimento para retomar o meu rumo.


Ter podido contar com este trabalho foi uma bênção e eu me sinto realmente seguro de hoje em dia conhecer alguém que pode me ajudar sempre que necessário com vasto conhecimento de Energia Sutil, incluindo, como listado em seu site, Liberação de Karma, Manifestação e Cura Emergencial. Muito obrigado, Diana!

Clebson, Salvador, Brasilien


Individuelle Sitzung

Diana Jaritz is one of the most profound healers that I have ever worked with. Her kindness and compassion are second to none, and her ability to clear very deep rooted issues is immense. I feel a very deep shift in myself following Diana's work with me, and as a healer and clairvoyant myself, can only highly recommend her. Diana has the ability to help you change your life issues at a very deep level, try her out, she is genuine and gifted.

Lucy, Somerset, England


Karma Komplettprogramm

Liebe Diana, ich habe mit dem Karma-Komplettprogramm eine große Wandlung erfahren. Sanfte Energiewellen haben Situationen und die dazu gehörenden Emotionen aus meinem Leben ins Bewusstsein gebracht, und es war deutlich zu spüren, wie sich alles mit ein paar Atemzügen in wenigen Minuten neutralisierte. So konnte ich langjährige Themen endgültig abschließen, ohne noch einmal ins Drama zu müssen. Ich spüre jetzt eine deutliche Veränderung meiner Gedanken und Emotionen. Es zeigen sich plötzlich musische Talente und Interessen, die ich vorher nicht hatte. Ich bin sehr gespannt, wie sich alles weiter entwickeln wird, was mir begegnen wird, wenn ich immer tiefer in mein wahres Sein finde. Ich danke Dir von ganzem Herzen für diese wundervolle, heilsame und sanfte Unterstützung.

Charlotte, Deutschland


Private Heilbehandlung mit Heilsteinen

I have had several crystal and energy healings from Diana. I always feel better, brighter and more uplifted afterwards. I have taken part in one of the Light transmission sessions during which I felt a warm and pleasant sun like energy which lifted my spirits. When in crisis I have received immediate help with Emergency Healing. Diana is a knowledgeable and intuitive healer. I am so thankful for her continuing help and wisdom.

Kate, England



Hello Diana,

As you know, I was a recipient of the recent Light Transmission and I wanted to say that it has made such a difference to my wellbeing, I actually noticed quite a few significant changes during the days following the transmission.

This is a new type of healing experience for me and must say that I was amazed at how powerful and effective it actually was. I am really looking forward to the next one.

Thank you so much.

Warm regards from Chris Baker, Hampshire, England


Diana is a breath of fresh air whose love and light inspire lasting transformation and serve the highest good. She is a cosmic force leading a radiant life filled with joyous and rewarding experiences. Hers is a journey that will benefit future generations. She is an illuminating soul whose pure essence makes life more beautiful. I honor and celebrate the sacred truth and divine beauty of Diana Jaritz.

MicHEAL Teal - (The Ancient One), Canada


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